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Material Marvel: ZIDS Design

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Unique details and elegant materials come together in this home to create a down-to-earth palette that’s brimming with personal charm.

An elegant palette combined with bold neutrals give this home a luxurious ambience that’s down-to-earth at the same time. But its unique charm does not stop here as ZIDS Design Sdn Bhd has also included a composition of creative details that sets this abode a class above the rest.

Starting from the living room, the bright camel-brown sofa anchors the space with a vibrant touch. Above, the custom-made ceiling with spotlights illuminates the space with a glamourous atmosphere. The TV console area is also beautifully done up with light wood surfaces to complement the rest of the room. From here, the same material is seen at the foyer framing a sideboard while on another side, towards the stairway, the designers have gone for a harmony of dark-toned surfaces.

Set next to the large sliding door, the dining room receives plenty of daylight. To create a mesmerizing effect, horizontal strips were used to line the walls. When light streams in, the strips give off an interesting effect that matches the neighbouring glass divider featuring a geometric motif.

On the other side of the divider is the dry kitchen where a showcase of sleek countertop surfaces infuses a polished look to the space. For the cabinets, white marble with grey veins adds on a lively touch. Interestingly, the same materials are used for the built-in cabinets for the adjacent study room to keep the look cohesive. On the opposite wall of the study is a breath-taking floor-to-ceiling wall art depicting carps swimming in a lotus pond.

On the upper floor, the master bedroom follows the creative palette treatment as we have seen downstairs. For instance, bold neutrals are combined with wood and stone materials. For the headboard, brown slab-like detailing adds a sense of rustic luxury to the room while a bright blue sofa set highlights the TV area next to the sleeping quarters. For the guest bedroom, built-in cabinets are employed to keep the space clean and clutter-free. While the designers kept everything simple in this space, the room is furnished to reflect a cosy atmosphere.

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