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Grand Gestures: Nu Infinity

by chxadmin

Amidst a sophisticated palette of dark tones and gold highlights, this home comes alive through the use of daring details and exceptional interior ideas.

Bold lines and dramatic treatments may put this home in the spotlight, but it’s the quality materials and excellent spatial configuration that make everything work immaculately. Upon stepping foot into the living room, the edgy TV wall that ascends all the way up in the double-height space stands out immediately with its crisp sharp lines placed around sharp angles.

An off-the-floor TV cabinet is affixed at just the right height, balancing the proportion of space while a grey sofa and a camel brown leather armchair infuse a cosy touch to the room.

A few steps away, the dry kitchen takes on a sensual black palette enhanced by wood and gold-toned detailing that highlights the lines of cabinets.

A sense of grandeur ensues in the dining room where a decorative glass chandelier literally steals the limelight.

A louvered sliding door opens into a cosy area that links to the family room, while ensuring natural light permeates the living space effortlessly.

Abstract artwork on the headboard wall prominently infuses the room with a distinctive personality.

A darker palette highlights the bedroom, setting off a sultry yet cosy vibe.

A home office is also incorporated to one of the rooms, lending more functionality to the interior spaces.

Read more in iD iNdesign magazine vol.92

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