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Fun-Loving Vibes: AJM

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This employment agency’s offices are designed to appeal to a new generation of workers.

The colours and shapes presented at the new offices for the Interisland employment agency, designed by AJM Interiors, speak of a fun-loving establishment with its fingers on the pulse of a new generation of wage-earners. The organisation’s youthful spirit is boldly presented at the front of the property, where bare concrete walls host sidings seemingly appropriated from shipping containers and saturated in primary colours.

The lounge presents an eclectic collection of furniture: with upholstered banquette seating, minimalist tables, and multi-coloured stools grouped together in a playful array.

Representing a theme of global reach and mobility, a reception counter is deliberately made to appear as a scaled-down shipping container, with its corrugated sides painted bright yellow and featuring a numerical identifier in the manner of a logistics outfit. Opposite the reception counter lies this office’s receiving lounge, indicated by a vertical band of orange emblazoned with this section’s identifying number.

Hustling & Bustling: The view from the front of the office presents an array of bright colours and playful furniture setting a happy and busy mood.

As visitors linger in front of the reception desk, eyes drift over to the adjacent concrete wall featuring a wire-frame representation of the world. This requisite display of achievements illustrates the reach of Interisland and its affiliates, while notable milestones are spelled out in acrylic letters and directly adhered against the concrete.

A path of grey and green carpeting puts fragmented shapes that vaguely resemble arrows in a hallway leading past the reception counter, the meeting rooms, and into the core of the office. Walking into the operative areas of the office brings one past a pair of meeting rooms that double as pop art displays. While the area is signified with a bright wash of red on the exterior, each of the two meeting rooms hosts a motivational message alongside colourised black and white portraits of celebrity icons from earlier eras.

Pop Art Visages: Recoloured black and white portraits of divas past put muted tones against the high colour saturation of the meeting rooms’ walls.

Refreshing Zone: The break-room is given a stimulating dose of orange, creating a striking contrast against the bare concrete pillar and minimalist furnishings.

The theme of bright area-specific colours and numerical identifiers continues into the ubiquitous sanctuary that is the employee break room—albeit in restrained amounts so as not to detract from the stunning panoramic view one could enjoy when seated at the bar counter facing the windows.

Operative Space: The conventions of the traditional bullpen remain resolute on this office’s main production floor, with uplifting splashes of blue and red added for equal measures of levity and seriousness.

In the operative core of this organisation, the mirthful colour schemes are slightly contained, as mirth takes a backseat to an attitude of rolled-up sleeves in the name of getting things done.

Mid-Century Accents: Modern reinterpretations of mid-20th century aesthetics imbue this executive office with vintage elegance: an exercise in Rembrandt lighting and low-key photography hangs above a monochromatic pair of side chairs inspired by Harry Bertoia.

The casual vibe returns beyond the bullpen, reappearing in the form of mid-twentieth century icons in the conference room and executive offices, spaces which feature iconic furniture alongside motivational messages in acrylic, pop art visuals, and modern table surfaces of steel and wood.

AJM Interiors
No. 41-51, 3rd Floor
Bangunan Cheong Wing Chan
Jalan Maharajalela
50150 Kuala Lumpur
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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