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Exquisite Opulence: Nu Infinity

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Inspired by the residents’ passions and preferences, this home is beautifully done up to exude an imaginatively artistic environment.

No two homes are ever the same. Each are as unique as its residents. When exclusive decor is called for, that’s when designers are presented with the opportunity to create a home that’s brimming with the occupants’ personal style. This breathtaking home designed by Nu Infinity perfectly epitomizes this distinctive approach.

“The brief, the uniqueness of the open floor plan and the luxury of space given in this project required a unique approach, unlike other projects,” says Nu Infinity’s design team. “Special meaning is given to each space by designing them to be picked up by the sub-conscious mind.”

In the living room, an air of exclusivity is immediately apparent. Leather sofas and wood panelling inject a touch of warmth while two blue armchairs uplift the space with a modern outlook. Asianinspired decor highlights the space – for instance the oriental screens and wall panels which are set next to a floor-to-ceiling marble-clad wall.

In the dining area, blue chairs accompany the round table that’s placed adjacent to the eye-catching dry kitchen adorned with hexagonal tiles and timber cabinetry. A bar counter with high chairs divide the space visually while designer lighting contributes to the overall sophisticated setting.

“Each individual space exudes a character of its own yet connected by a string of design details, finishes or ambience,” the designers say. This is particularly evident in the master bedroom where a personalized environment is achieved using a series of exquisite materials – for instance the headboard which features a circular focal point flanked by dark marble. In the guest bedroom, a sharp angled headboard pulls the double beds together while in the next bedroom, built-in storage units give the space a coordinated look. In another room, the feature wall is graced with green-toned Oriental art prints.

“Firstly, they were the ideas and designs of the colours, patterns and the client’s love for having animals (though not necessarily of Chinese zodiac) and nature infused in to the design,” the designers explain further. “Next, it was necessary to run through the details to bring out a sense of luxury and a level of sophistication intended for this project by incorporating opulent materials such as natural marble and brushed metal stainless steel complemented by carefully placed ambient lighting within the built-in works. Finally, a pinch of modern material such as textured plaster wall finish and coloured mirrors are used to bring modernity into the space.”

Want to see more of this home? Check out this home walkthrough video:


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Photography by: Creative Clicks

Featured in iD iNdesign Vol.90

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