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Elegantly Neutral: Q1 Interior Concept


A neutral palette is strictly applied, in conjunction with decorative accents of wood and stone to achieve the definition of modern elegance.

Q1 Interior Concept demonstrates the textbook application of a neutral palette in this family home, bringing it to luxurious heights with the addition of stone and wood to imbue the stringently modern décor with a measure of comforting fluidity. The neutral palette is presented in full in the seating lounge, with cream stone flooring, walls dressed in light grey, and a recessed ceiling feature shaded in a pale shade of brown. A sectional sofa set upholstered in grey fabric demarcates the footprint of the seating lounge while a set of black coffee tables punctuates the space and completes the neutral palette.

Glass Envelope: The colour scheme of this home is introduced in the seating lounge, with minimal interruptions to the generous lengths of windows surrounding it.

Across the open layout, the adjacent dining area expresses the lighter side of this home’s colour scheme with a circular table composed of white marble accompanied by button-backed leather upholstery in cream. Wood panels representing the darker tones of the neutral palette envelop the pale space with a warming layer, while the various colours of the space converge on a decorative feature resembling a slice of coral growth bathed in golden light.

Converging Tones: The lightness of the dining space is wrapped in dark wood panelling, while the representative tones converge on an intriguing decorative feature nearby.

The neutral colour palette is similarly expressed elsewhere in the home, albeit with different shades taking the central role depending on the nature of the space. The dry kitchen is expectedly saturated in white, with the visible grains of wood expressed in the shelving, cabinetry, and countertops – while the home office is rendered in a serious tone with dark grey cabinetry providing contrast in shade against the pale architectural finishes. The bedrooms are saturated in lighter tones, with a pale shade of wood taking the forefront against a background of peach and cream fixtures.

Contrasted Galley: Both kitchens feature neutral-coloured finishes and fittings against the visible grains of wood, with the dry kitchen relying on white and the wet kitchen on grey.

Lavish Lightness: The luxurious entertainment lounge contains a set of leather furniture upholstered to match the white ceiling – while a nearby large circular ottoman is decorated with the inverse print of a stereotypical dairy bovine, representing a refreshing element of thematic contrast that also adds to the colour palette.

The more mature of these bedspaces presents an intriguingly simplistic arrangement of a mattress on a generous bed platform of wood. The modern take on a tatami platform is lit along its curved edge, the length of which is mirrored and similarly lit on the decorative ceiling feature above. The child’s room contains this home’s next few features of note – a platform that splits the height of the bedroom to provide the young occupant with another layer of exploration and storage facilities above the bed, and as with the adult bedroom, the bed platform projects from – and is integrated with, the wall in this bedroom. But unlike the more mature bedroom, the bedside surfaces here seamlessly morph into a nearby surface for studious endeavours. seamlessly morph into a nearby surface for studious endeavours.

Soft Accoutrements: Light doses of leather upholstery and soft decorations in white provide a welcome layer of comfort in a space dominated by stone and wood cut in hard lines.

Personal Details: Although the prevailing colour scheme is rigorously applied elsewhere, divergent tones are used to personalise the bedchambers according to individual tastes.

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Article by Kevin Eichenberger