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Dynamic Details: SQR (Square Root Architecture & Interior Design)

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Small, creative details make all the difference in this office that blends functional features with stylish materials.

From the interactive spaces to working areas, Square Root Architecture and Interior Design (SQR)’s workplace is a picture-perfect example of function meets form. The core concept utilized in the design presents a casual sophisticated interior using a harmonious composition of interesting finishes and materials.

Towards the main office space where the workstations are located, the layout is kept open and spacious. Long tables complement the built-in carpentry that aligns with the wall. To create spatial boundaries without compromising the open space, the designers created a console cladded with mirror panels facing the entrance.

A triangular discussion table is placed by the window to showcase as one of the masterpieces. The abstract painting on the wall infuses a hearty dose of colours to the space while the three pendant lights enliven the space with a pop of colour. An eyecatching custom-made pine display shelf with a green backdrop creates a solid focal point, complemented by a mustard coloured armchair placed next to it.

Adjacent to the central office space is a glass-encased office space created in a chic and contemporary manner. Different types of seating pivot around the stylish desk, engendering a cosy atmosphere all around. The two-toned vinyl flooring and a curvilinear cupboard infuse an energetic touch to the room as well.

Whereas for the pantry area, the space is kept sleek and simple. The round table that comes with an eye-catching gold table support serves as a space for co-workers to interact, have their meals and conduct casual meeting with clients. The kitchen cabinet is well-equipped, offering a highly functional space with a design note to it.

Tucked to the side is a cosy waiting corner featuring an armchair, a side table and a potted plant that brightens and elevates the spatial quality. Last but not least, the workplace transforms effortlessly into a trendy night bar for friends, clients, and designers to socialise and mingle around.

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Featured in iD iNdesign Bumper 2019 vol. 14

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