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Spatial Flair: There’s a Strong Sense of Spatial Clarity in This Australian Abode

by chxadmin

Designed by Australian-based architectural firm Ian Moore Architects, this project revolves around completely restoring a one-bedroom home. The new owner also requested the architects to fully furnish the house with pieces appropriate to the architectural language and material palette of the original.

To achieve this, several areas including the roof terrace and interior elements were replaced. “A rooftop bedroom has been removed to reinstate the original roof terrace, a roller door removed from the courtyard and numerous internal alterations reversed,” the architects say.

The end result is stunning with bold yellow features against an interesting composition of surface taking the lead. The architects explain further: “The bold two storey yellow joinery element, containing kitchen storage and laundry on the lower level and wardrobe on the upper level are offset against a neutral palette of white walls and ceilings, silver anodised aluminium, grey rubber and white epoxy flooring.”

For its furnishing, Jean Nouvel’s ‘Less’ furniture range was selected for the coffee table, desks, bookshelves, storage units and bedside tables. A vintage Eames segmented base dining table and fibreglass arm shell chairs, Jean-Marie Massaud ‘Kennedee’ sofas and Alias ‘Frame’ series outdoor seatingalso complete the furniture.

“All of the furniture pieces are visually ‘light’ and either ‘float’ above the floor or are on slender legs,” Ian Moor Architects remark. “The interior design of this house is conceptually linked to the architecture; it’s lightweight, open and blurs the junction between inside and out. Comfortable without clutter, clean and bold, with a clarity of space and form.”

This project has been awarded the American Architecture Prize 2016

Article by: Lily Wong
Images courtesy of Ian Moore Architects

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