Home Prairie of Wonders: This Light-Filled Home is Inspired by Lush Meadows

Prairie of Wonders: This Light-Filled Home is Inspired by Lush Meadows


The colour white is the vital palette in this home designed by Casa Indah Design (M) Sdn Bhd. White is generously used in a lush manner to recreate the feeling of wonder that one experiences when gazing at a meadow filled with thistles and daisies glimmering in the soft ambers of the sun. This shade is evident on the walls, cabinets and furniture of the living hall. The sofa pillows and carpeting showcase earthy tones, which complement the pristine palette. Customised indoor plants, mirrors and furniture – inspired by the flowing, fluttery flight of butterflies that inhabit the meadows – intermingle with manmade and natural lighting, hence elevating the home’s natural ambience.

The level of craftsmanship is astounding, with the designers adding intricate detailing to every piece of furniture, panelling, decor and lighting feature. The chandelier that illuminates the dining space stands out in particular, dazzling admirers with its uncomplicated yet breathtaking design. A birdcage-inspired decor near the dining table is equally exquisite.

In the kitchen, immaculate shelves and cabinets are organised in an uncluttered layout with the refrigerator and cooking appliances – establishing the ideal space for residents to prepare mouth-watering dishes. Akin to navigating your path through a carefree pasture, the furniture arrangement enables the inhabitants to move about without getting into one another’s way.

Various soothing, pastel wallpapers adorn this residence’s rooms, including a floral panel in a particular bedroom. In the playroom, a shiny blackboard becomes an avenue for the children to express their thoughts and creativity. A set of doors with crisscrossing patterns in a different room provides another highlight in interior design artistry. All these elements are interwoven into the home’s overall design concept.

Article by: Terence Tang
Images courtesy of Casa Indah Design (M) Sdn Bhd