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Arabian Delight: Hue Art Design

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Islamic motifs and Greco-Roman décor are combined in a gleaming tribute to modern Middle Eastern aesthetics.

Designed by We By B, the opulent receiving areas of this home present hypostyle façades of Ancient Greek influence blended with ornate Greco-Roman crown moulding, classical damask wallpaper, geometric motifs, and classical furnishings. A seamless plane of sandstone leads one from the foyer, through a laser-cut partition bearing an amalgamation of overlain clover, trellis, and Greek Key patterns.

Beyond the see-through partition, a richly ornate seating lounge is presented – wrapped with intricately decorated walls bearing gilded crown moulding of Ancient Roman origin at the top and vaguely palm-like damask patterns across the field. A modern recessed ceiling at the centre of the lounge bears a distinct 12-fold rosette motif developed at the height of the Islamic Golden Age, with a classical crystal chandelier hanging from gilded chain links.

Cultural Influences: The influences of Ancient Greek, Roman, and Arabic culture can be seen expressed in vivid gold and brown hues throughout the ground floor of this home.

The furnishings are composed largely from ebonised wood, with upholstery in leopard-print fabric or brass-tacked red velvet bering the iconic Greek Key embroidered along the bottom edges in golden thread. In contrast to the distinctive ancestry in the rest of the décor, a coffee table of modern design rests atop a generously-sized Persian carpet.

This rich ambiance is transported to the formal dining space and similarly expressed across the flat planes of walls, floors, and ceilings. Opposite a length of wall façades built up to resemble a structure supported by pillars, an altar of marbled stone is built around a gilded mirror frame of Greco-Roman influence.

Opulent Dining: The dining space is similarly replete with seamless stone, hypostyle façades around damask wall coverings, and walls capped with Ancient Roman crown moulding.

The ceiling bears the same 12-point rosette seen in the seating lounge, with the recessed tray bordered in the same Roman trim adorning the dining room walls. Resting atop another sizable Persian carpet is a wood and gold trimmed dining table capable of seating up to ten diners in modern upholstered dining chairs. In contrast to the traditional influences occupying the same space, the adjacent dry kitchen is rendered in modern taste – with an abundance of glossy surfaces and ebonised cabinetry augmented by white light.

The traditional décor of the ground floor transitions to contemporary features in the private spaces of this home, with the exception of the master bedroom – which is opulently decorated in the manner of a Sultan’s bedstead, with a dramatic headboard and see-through partitions bearing the 8-point rosette motif from the same era of influence that is expressed in the seating lounge and dining area.

Feminine Charm: A decidedly feminine bedspace is created out floral print, countryside-inspired wooden wall treatments below the chair rail, and a near-complete saturation in a pale shade of pink.

Futuristic Décors: In contrast to the traditional influences expressed elsewhere, most of the bedrooms present designs seemingly appropriated from the future – with backlit façades cut in laser-straight lines and sharp angles.

Regal Chamber: The Islamic motifs return to the master bedroom, with a hypostyle archway and wall façade, in addition to a decorative headboard and see-through partitions over the windows patterned with 8-point rosettes.

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From left to right: Natalie Wong, Bing Ze, Ray Thing, Datrick Ho, Joseph Chew, and Felicia Ng
Venue: King Koil Boutique @ IPC Mall
Photographer: Gavin Yam

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