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Lavish Flair: 9 Ways to Create a Modern Opulent Living Room


This year, luxurious opulence is making a huge comeback as a signature style for modern homes – but all without the flashy frills. Here are three homes that show you how interior designers incorporate that lush and lavish look without going overboard with too many elements.

1. Stay Neutral
While the palette of this home maintains an elegant gold and bronze tone throughout, whites, off-whites and greys help to pull the interior together into a contemporary composition. It’s ideal to keep to neutrals and only use accents sparingly.

2. Keep It Balanced
Small details can help to convey that luxe factor – but keep everything in balance. Proportion is important when styling certain corners like a console table at the foyer.

3. Let It Shine
To give the space just enough shine to carry out a touch of luxury, carefully apply polished or reflective surfaces in strategic areas. Mirror finishes can work wonders too.

4. Simplify Your Palette
In this contemporary living area, plush details are set against a monochromatic palette complemented by slightly ornate details to give it a touch of modern glam. You can go for a cool or warm palette, but make sure it is cohesive all the way to avoid overwhelming the colour theme.

5. Highlight Elegant Materials
Marble finishes or surfaces have the power to transform interiors from bland to beautifully elegant. Instead of using it for the flooring, which would overwhelm the interior, the designer used it as a feature wall to create a visual impact within the living room.

6. Engage Shape and Textures
Use curvy-shaped decorative elements to add visual interest while implementing cosy textures to help turn up the luxury factor.

7. Find Common Ground
It’s all about striking a balance between classic or baroque elements and contemporary details. These two seemingly contrasting features actually pair well with against a common palette.

Interior design by ST Concept Design

8. Mix Modern and Classic
Combine luxurious furnishing and visual aesthetics to give off a romantic feeling via a mix of modern and classic details.

Interior design by ST Concept Design

9. Refine The Details
Use ornate details against a sleek and minimalist backdrop. This form of decorating works best in larger spaces, but even if you have a small room, the right details in the right amount can help you achieve the romantic look you desire.

Interior design by ST Concept Design