Home Fantastic Features: 7 Living Room Features to Impress Your Guests

Fantastic Features: 7 Living Room Features to Impress Your Guests


If you ever find yourself daunted when faced with seemingly infinite possibilities in the living space, we invite you to consider the following pointers:

1. Feature Walls
The large blank wall of most living spaces is essentially the centrepiece of a home’s decor, it is typically visible from the foyer and where recurring or contrasting elements are introduced. This visual prominence makes feature walls the first thing a visitor would see upon entering a home, so their composition is crucial for normalising and tying together decorative elements in living spaces.

Image Credit: GDY Design

2. Extra-Height Ceilings
Where the space can be afforded, living rooms can be made more voluminous by retaining a high ceiling. As living rooms typically receive visitors before any other part of a home and fill up faster than any other room during a gathering, a high ceiling gives living spaces more volume and makes for a grand ambiance.

Relatively small living spaces like this are made grander with an extra-height ceiling. From iN Design Issue #61. Image Credit: Design VA

3. Aquariums
Much like feature walls, aquariums can serve as a canvas for creative expression. With minimal maintenance and upkeep, these isolated biospheres can be designed and shaped continuously, resulting in a dynamic and visually striking living room feature that can be altered according to evolving tastes and preferences.

From iN Design Issue #81. Image Credit: ID Industries

4. See-Through Niches
Display niches in walls have been a mainstay of modern and luxurious décors mimicking retail boutiques for as long as high-street shopping has been a thing that people do. One can take this dependable element a step further by having niches extend all the way through a wall, resulting in a see-through section of wall that serves to expand the perceived space.

Image Credit: Shirley Yeong via Beata Home and Office Furniture

5. Floor Displays
Displays do not necessarily have to be formed out of walls, some designers have taken the relatively novel approach of embedding display units in floors instead. A feature that has been seen making more frequent reappearances is the Zen-like arrangement of white or black river pebbles in glass-encased trays set into floors.

From iN Design Issue #83. Image Credit: Mode Interior Style

6. Musical Instruments
Having a musical instrument such as grand piano in the living area lends a heavy dose of culture and elegance to your home. Not only do musical instruments provide the opportunity for classical entertainment, the area becomes an assembly point for visitors looking to partake in activities other than watching television.

Image Credit: Latitude Design

7. Coloured Lighting
Instead of opting for the generic cool-bright or warm-white lighting, take the road less travelled with lights that emit colours other than white or yellow. For example, you could saturate your living room in cool blue lighting for a soothing effect that will compel visitors to relax.

From iN Design Issue #66. Image Credit: Design Base

Article by Kevin Eichenberger