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6 Ways to Cosy Up Your Chill-Out Spot

by chxadmin

If you have extra room in your living area, it’s good to have a quiet chill-out spot. Perfect for reading your favourite novel, taking a nap or simply having a quiet moment, this spot should be beautifully decorated with cosy materials to create a comfortable ambience. Here are five ways you can blend cosy style with fashionable furnishing in your cosy corner.

1 Calm Composure
Keep calm and paint the area with soothing colours. Choose neutral tones for your furnishing but spice it up with brighter details to uplift the space.

2 Haute Seat
Your choice of seating furniture is key here. Choose one that truly fits the way you would use your chill-out spot.

Interior design: Yong Studio

3 Lounge Luxe
If your chill-out spot is in the study, always include a lounge or sofa bed for those days when you need a power nap.

Interior design: The Roof Studio

4 All Together
Just because it is meant for quiet moments, you don’t have to use your chill-out space alone. Dedicate a corner in the dining room for peaceful quality time with your loved ones.

Interior design: Surface R

5 Memento Magic
Decorate the space with items that hold sentimental value for you. For instance a favourite armchair or family photos on the wall.

6 Inside Out
Don’t limit yourself to spaces inside the house. Take your cosy spots outside too. The fresh air and green views will definitely put you in a better mood.

Interior design: GI Design

Post by Lily Wong

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