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11 Glamour and Practical Bedroom Designs that We Love!


The Darker Side
People often have the impression that bedrooms should be in neutral tone, soft and bright environment. Though it’s not wrong to stick to the ideas, it’s always fun when you did it all the way around, for a better result, of course.

Designed by | SQFT Space Design Management

In this bedroom designed by Motto Designs Sdn Bhd, the elegant and mysterious dark tone helps to elevate the interior into another level. The solidness of black colour gives out a bold statement, while stands out with it’s strong masculinity. To soften the overall ambiance, match it with white ceiling for a softer and balance interior or add green and nature elements into the room.
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Designed by | Motto Design

Directing Focus
There should be having a visual focus in your bedroom – however you thought of or already have design your bedroom. For instance, table lamps on your bedside table creates focus to your bed side when you are reading on bed. The bedhead, which normally is the focus of the space, should be consistent with the feature wall’s texture, pattern, colour and design for a peaceful and tranquil space.

Designed by | SQFT Space Design Management

It is okay to place solid and complicated patterns as the feature wall design, as long as other walls are being kept simple and monochromatic – as shown in this bedroom designed by SQFT Space Design Management.

Designed by | SQFT Space Design Management

Motto Designs show us way to create visual focus in a dark interior. Though there are multiple textures, patterns and layers in this bedroom, the designer manage to create a harmonious and balance interior using a monotone background colour. The white colour bed enhances the artwork on the wall, while the zebra skin rug stands out as the focus in this solid-tone room.

Designed by | Motto Design

Classical Embrace
Classical motives and patterns are obvious and strong with it’s luxury and elegant feel. In this chamber designed by BS Design & Build, the designer combines the classical texture with gold colour tone. Curtains & bed sheets in same colour are used to balance the interior, creating a classy and grand, yet cozy bedroom.

Designed by | BS Design & Build

In this bedroom, ST Concepts instills the similar luxurious modern classical concept into this bedroom, creating an elegant yet cozy ambiance with it’s organized, wide spaces and soft-tone colour.

Designed by | ST Concepts

Nature Warmth
Showing off nature elements with the use of natural material such as timber flooring and solid wood tabletop. Plan and organize a systematic layout with lots of natural light for easy movement and a cozy personal chamber.

Touch of nature is shown in this bedroom by Regal Violet with it’s earthy tone calligraphic wall art and the natural texture of marble.

Designed by | Regal Violet

By using wood elements and natural material, Jag Designs have created a modern and organized walk-in wardrobe that gives depth and warmth texture to the overall interior.

Designed by | Jag Design

The natural palette and texture of nature wood are obvious in this luxury urbanite home by The Roof Studio. The overall interior is enhanced by the light brown timber flooring, which, at the same time, complement other modern elements in the room.

Designed by | The Roof Studio