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Thematic Contrast: Yong Studio

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The manicured front yard and white-washed walls of this family home give way to a surprising mix of rural and industrial flavours.

The entrance of this home, decorated by Yong Studio, is appointed with potted greenery in rural style, with a ubiquitous lyre-leaved ficus growing from a reclaimed metal bucket nestled within a cane weave carrier of traditional design. Above the trio of common indoor plants hangs the requisite entryway mirror, camouflaged by a trailing array of quaint wooden frames containing pressed cuttings from the countryside.

Directly opposite this rural statement, a 10-gallon steel drum painted black stands in stark contrast against the arrangement of foliage at the foyer, the prevalent icon of industrial landscapes marking the transition between the walkway and the seating lounge.

Thematic Contrast: A statement of contrast between the industrial realm and the countryside is crafted at the foyer, with the two themes occupying near-equal proportions across the receiving lounge.

A combined chaise lounge and sofa set upholstered in grey fabric bridges the two extremes of the black oil drum and the white architectural finishes, its form serving to mark out the extents of the seating lounge to align directly with the length of the foyer. The position of the seating lounge puts the wood-panelled entertainment wall in a prominent position: front and centre – facing the entryway as would be done with an altar of a traditional home.

Rural Signals: The perspective from the front of the home presents an array of country-inspired elements – from the plants and frames in the foyer to the eccentric collection of furnishings in the dining space.

The open end of the seating lounge widens to the uninterrupted expanse of the ground floor, with the adjacent space hosting an eclectic dining arrangement marked by a plain grey wall and a set of folding patio doors illuminating the white floor tiles with sunlight. The dining space is a refreshingly intriguing assembly of seemingly disparate elements influenced by rural and industrial undertones.

Beyond the wooden steps of the staircase and the wood-capped modern railings composed of carbon-black steel, countertops and cabinets project from the pristine expanse of white in the kitchen, with the homogenous finishes bridged by pale wood. The Nordic grains embellish the kitchen’s centrally-located island, running up a wall to form a column into which a set of matching appliances from Fotile are embedded.

Ligneous Adornment: A swathe of pale wood dresses the homogeneous kitchen and its central island, streaking up the wall to casually demarcate the space and frame the appliances.

Lightweight Transition: The characteristics of industrial aesthetics fade out in the more casual spaces of the upper floor: while the home office embraces an industrial ambiance composed of exposed bricks, black steel, and wooden crates – the family lounge exchanges this in favour of a Scandinavian décor.

The upper floors of this home are uniformly decked in wood, serving as the background for assemblies of contemporary furnishings throughout the family’s private lounge and bedrooms.

The relatively restrained and spartan master bedroom belies a sizable wardrobe that glistens with an abundance of mirrored planes and steel frames.

The view of the bathroom from beyond the opaque sliding door creates the impression of an exposed air-well, with a generous ingress for sunlight and the surprising placement of a planter box. While the master bath sports a relatively uniform set of architectural finishes, the other bathrooms utilise patches of hexagonal or herringbone patterns in alternative tones to counter their diminutive dimensions.

Bespoke Facilities: The relatively simplistic master bedroom features custom-made fittings: a desk that melds into a day bed by the window, a headboard that transforms into a bedside projection, and a spacious walk-through wardrobe.

Dreams Made Real

To each its own, and Yong Studio respects that. Design being subjective, they apply a balance of extensive design-and-build experience, attention to detail, and a drive to exceed expectations to bring your dream home design to fruition. Creating a harmonious balance between warmth and practicality in urban living is what Yong Studio thrives in. If you seek such a balance, then connect with Yong Studio and craft a home experience that truly reflects your style and family’s needs.

From left to right: Susan Chai, Rachael Yap, Steph Low, Jackie Yang, Henry Lee, and Joanne Wong
Venue: GoldenHome Kitchen @ Glenmarie
Kitchen Appliances: Teka Kuchentechnik Malaysia
Photographer: Gavin Yam

Yong Studio
Lot 2-2 Jalan LGSB 1/3
Pusat Komersial LGSB
Off Jalan Hospital
47000 Sungai Buloh
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

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