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Imagery of the city and the countryside are uniquely blended together in a warmly lit ensemble.

Design Base artfully blends urban symbols with features of rural settings to achieve an interior that is both lightweight in composition and subtly transitional in its flavour. The seating lounge exemplifies the eclectic theme to follow by presenting a wall simplistically decorated with wainscoting to ambiguously disguise a television as a fireplace.

Monochromatic Echoes: The black and white tones of the dining space’s intriguing decorative wall are echoed across the open layout in the matching selection of carpet and throw cushion covers.

A chair rail subdivides the seating lounge’s feature wall into fields of dark and light greys to bridge the gap in hue between cream floor tiles and the prevailing shades of grey. The addition of grey upholstery and a white coffee table reinforce the seating lounge’s distinctly neutral flavour, with the ensemble underscored by a monochromatic carpet bearing primitive geometry.

A neat segregation of spaces is signalled with the extents of the recessed ceiling in the seating lounge turning to a series of lit trenches in the ceiling of the dining space.

The brief reappearance of white wall marks a division of the open layout, indicating the point of separation between the sunlit greys of the seating lounge and the wash of warm light in the adjacent dining area.

In an exercise of unification, an intriguing mural depicts an unnamed urban sprawl on the wall of the dining area, echoing the monochromatic element of the seating lounge and pulling attention from across the open layout.

The robust furnishings and pastel green upholstery in the dining area indicate a provincial persuasion that poses in bold thematic contrast against the birds-eye-view of a developed landscape depicted on the wall.

The countryside décor extends to the kitchen in the form of classically adorned white cabinetry and a wooden island, complementing a monochromatic rendering of white expanses and black accents.

In the private spaces of this home, the prevalence of transitional details is rolled back to make way for modern lines framing arboreal and nautical themes in the bedrooms.

Arboreal Motif: The pale background brings attention to a decorative wall coloured in woodland tones, with the monochromatic shades of the space echoed in a black and white photograph of sun rays filtered though a canopy of trees.

The master bedroom features the colours of an aged tree, with a field of yellow-green above the chair rail and a lower field of cured brown saturating the wall behind the headboard. To preserve the attention-grabbing capability of this decorative feature, the surroundings are rendered lightweight and airy with a dependence on white and dashes of pastel tones in the drapery and the lampshades situated at the bedside.

Continuing the theme of rural and urban juxtaposition, the other bedrooms display whimsical decorations alluding to ocean travel alongside a depiction of Kuala Lumpur’s iconic skyline.

Juxtaposed Settings: Paired with the depiction of Kuala Lumpur’s urban skyline in acrylic cutouts is a nautical theme bolstered by a handful of symbols: a field of turquoise below the chair rail, a presentation of a ship’s helm on the headboard, and a model sailboat poised on a high shelf.

Committed to Good Design

Design Base‘s Kuala Lumpur office and studio were set up in 1998. Since then, they have been focusing on comprehensive interior design services, which include interior design consultancy, interior fit-out and construction for both commercial and residential projects. Committed to creative design, space efficiency and personalised service, the Design Base team consists of a group of dedicated individuals who offer the best in what they do.

From left to right : Jing Rong, Kherk Min, Zheng Kai, Faris, Siti Norshara, Chin Lee, Latifah

Design Base
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