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Inspired by its positioning as the “Maison of Fine Lifetime Companions”, Montblanc unveiled a new concept boutique at Suria KLCC Mall that offers a dynamic and elegant retail environment.  Striking a balance between contemporary design and classical elegance, between its pioneering spirit and the traditions of craftsmanship, the new boutique offers customers a multi-sensory experience to discover a journey into the heart of the Montblanc universe.


“Reflecting the Maison’s constant quest for purposeful and aesthetic innovations, our latest retail space embodies the Montblanc of today, and the vision of tomorrow as the Maison continues to push the boundaries of technology and design,” said Jérôme Lambert, CEO Montblanc International.

Through the eyes of French interior designer, Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, the immersive retail environment introduces a pure and uncluttered aesthetic, mixing black, white and wood, revealing the collections in a display that enhances the fine qualities of each piece.  Duchaufour-Lawrance has re-imagined the Montblanc boutique with his distinctive sense of form and style, playing with the dichotomy of mineral hardness and the ultra-soft lines of organic materials for both furniture and lines.


The new boutique concept inspired by Montblanc’s pioneering spirit since 1906 features three main design themes linked to the roots of the Maison; cursive handwriting, emblem and passion for craftsmanship.

Cursive handwriting associated with the Montblanc fountain pen is the starting point for the overall design. The curve gesture that gives shape to the retail space evokes calligraphy and the culture of writing.

The emblem, depicting the snowcap of the Mont Blanc and symbol of the highest standards of perfection, is paired with various ink colours to represent the life and soul of Montblanc and its quest for constant evolution through innovation. Inside the boutique, a jet of ink animates large screens along black lacquered wall panels that recall the maison’s inimitable precious resin.


The third element is the passion for craftsmanship, the value that has punctuated the Maison’s long history. Narrated through the structured architecture and dark wood composition, it is inspired by the wood furniture used by craftsmen to practice their skills in each of the Maison’s manufactures whether watchmaking, writing instruments, jewellery or leather goods.