Home White on White: A Fusion of Stylistic Details Against an All-White Palette

White on White: A Fusion of Stylistic Details Against an All-White Palette


This spacious residence provides the avenue for designers to skilfully fuse an assortment of themes from different styles and periods to create one distinct concept.

Complementing this home’s subtle pastel themed interior is the lush greenery outdoors. A vibrant garden and soothing turquoise water feature envelope this structure in a cooling, natural ambience. These features are clearly visible via the residence’s spacious glass door panels and windows that extend from the ceiling to the floor. In the living hall, these outdoor colours radiate throughout the space, complementing the chic classic panels and furniture along with modern elements such as the tangerine sofa pillow, intricately designed hanging lights and metallic table lamps.

This fusion of the verdant outdoors, natural lighting and chic classic decor is prominent in various areas of the home, especially its dining space and kitchen. Its residents can prepare the meal of their dreams and savour them before a backdrop of flourishing fauna. Their taste buds and vision are both gratified, with pristine marble flooring, as well as finely crafted wall panels and chandeliers accentuating the sophisticated atmosphere.

Another highlight of this home is its bathrooms. One bathroom in particular, showcases fair brick walls, cabinets, and comfortable furnishing, which are illuminated by ample natural lighting from its windows. Touches of contemporary elegance are added here and there, like the potted flower glowing in pink freshness on the basin cabinet, along with a plush rug that conveys luxurious charm in hues of radiant brown and blue.

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