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Puzzle Play: The spaces in this family home are designed based on the popular game Tetris

by chxadmin

Designed by IDIN Architects from Thailand, the SIRI commercial building has been revamped into a home and a jewelry office for a big family of 4 siblings and their future spouses and offsprings. As the building itself comprises two identical structures set side by side, the interior layout is narrow. To ensure every family member has a compact private area comprising of a rest area, pantry, bedrooms as well as a living room with light well, the architect went for a unique spatial configuration of spaces – one that was inspired by the popular video game, Tetris.

“The design was thought as a tile-matching puzzle game, Tetris,” the architect says. “Each puzzle symbolizing each unit constructed up to be living spaces with a centtre void space. The space plays an important role as an empty space which not only let the light come into every living level but also allow visual interaction between users. The family members can see each other’s movement all day through the central core.”

To achieve this, all units take on a double-leveled plan. “Each unit is differently and separately accessed by the elevator which is set at the back of the building,” the architect explains further. “The top level is the main living room and dining room for the family. In the middle are the residential units while the jewelry office is at the ground floor. Also, a big tree is added in the house to provide a feeling of nature.”

According to the architect, the exterior facade was design to mirror the detailing inside, resulting in a flowing connection of units to each other and to the top level. The cohesive configuration resulted in a home that’s not just bright and airy from the inside, but visually appealing from the outside – one that stands out in the neighbourhood in a confident yet quiet manner.

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