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Full of Splendour: Stylecraft Design

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Classically charming, exclusively modern, this home is a picture perfect expression of luxury reimagined to fit contemporary lifestyles.

In its own classy way, this home marries a classic aesthetic with contemporary elegance. Designed by Stylecraft Design to reflect an enticing interior that exudes a unique charm, this home is a celebration of the beautiful things in life.

In the living area, a luxurious atmosphere takes over, complemented by a neutral palette administered with a modern gilded effect. A gold rimmed coffee table brings the classic couch and plush armchair together while heavy drapes beautifully framethe glass windows that open out to the garden views outside, permitting optimal daylight into the room at the same time. Above a sparkling chandelier seals the deal to deliver a stylishly luxe living room.

Mimicking the decor over at the living room, the dining hall features similar upholstered dining chairs and a designer dining table. To set a uniform tone, a pair of the same chandeliers is used to illuminate the space. Next to it, a panelled wall brings in the classic look while gold-themed accessories give the space an elegant final touch.

Adjacent to the dining area is the wet and dry kitchen, divided using a wood-framed glass sliding door. The dry kitchen utilizes white-washed cabinets with black countertop. Over at the wet kitchen, wood-toned surfaces are used instead. A patterned backsplash creates a strong focal point to give this cookspace a sense of personality.

The living area leads towards the sitting room set within a double volume space. It’s a spectacular sight here – plush chairs over a geometric-print rug are highlighted by an alluring chandelier that draws the eyes to the feature wall in front. Here, the wall accommodates a large gold-tone sculpture that ascends all the way to the ceiling. Panelled walls once again complete the look.

In the master bedroom, dark wood is used to carry out a sophisticated yet romantic ambience. The headboard features a tree-inspired motif against a mirror backdrop. Panels are done up in dark hues, balanced by light-toned soft furnishing. In the study area, the grey wall panels are seen again, but this time, dark wood cabinets infuse a striking contrast to the room.

In another bedroom, a more feminine theme is dominant, achieved through a selection of lighter tone bedding and curtains. The panelling treatment is seen on the headboard wall. To inject visual interest into the room, a teal green chair is set across a rug with palm tree prints.

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