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Decorating for Elegance with Versatile White

by chxadmin

Whether the reasons are grounded in physics, biology, or culture, the colour white represents purity for most people — and as demonstrated by Isaac Newton and the album art for Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon — white is perhaps the most adaptable of colours, being composed of all the other hues of visible light. Given the association of white with purity, and our common understanding as to what makes the colour so universally compatible with other hues, many choose it as the predominant shade of our homes. In our attempt to explore the various effects of colour, we take a closer look at a range of spaces that have been saturated in white.

Living Room

Where one would normally imagine a space monotonously saturated in white, the quality of white in this seating lounge is instead made intriguingly varied with a range of whites applied — from the pristine plaster ceilings, largely unadorned and untouched walls, to the subtly cream floor tiles. A few choice accents appoint the space to add variability to the range of shades while being emphasised by the pale background: a panel of white marble flanked by reflective metals adds a shimmering layer of luxury and a few playfully coloured throw cushions provide some mirth.

The reliance on white provides visual emphasis and brings attention to the few coloured decorations and reflective finishes in this space.

Dining Room

The use of off-white upholstery and subtly pinstriped curtains against the pale background of this space elegantly contains the black glass and steel dining table against the sheer-covered windows and cream floor tiles. The resulting visual illusion diminishes the presence of the dining surface, making the arrangement appear to blend with the surroundings in an effort to preserve empty floor space. As with the seating lounge, a coloured element in the form of a blooming stem of purple orchid placed in a turquoise and brown glass vase takes advantage of the white background to create its own emphasis and to provide the space with a visual breath of fresh air.


The majority of modern kitchens are rendered almost entirely in white for the sake of maintaining an immaculate appearance. This common practice also creates a versatile background that will accommodate and complement appliances in a range of colours and finishes — so you don’t necessarily have to hunt down appliances that match each other. The pictured kitchen exhibits a classically inspired décor that is largely unaffected by the array of modern appliances, due in part to the white of the background lending itself well in combination with other colours,


The use of white in bedrooms more often than not results in an overtly feminine space, especially when combined with intricate wall coverings, sheer curtains, and classical details such as a capitonné leather headboard. The pictured bedroom arrangement utilises white less as a background and more as an accent colour, but the prevailing theme and underlying principles are the same — the application of white brings together the  disparate hues of the space.

Interior decoration by: Latitude Design.

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