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A Zen-Inspired Residence in India Sculpts Light and Space into an Architectural Marvel

by creativehomex

Zen Spaces by Sanjay Puri Architects is a 27,000 sqft residence spanning four levels in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. This home offers varying degrees of transparency, seamlessly integrating living, lounge, dining, outdoor, and circulation spaces.

Illuminated at night, the house transforms into a sculptural display of solid and perforated volumes. Its thoughtful design, incorporating a courtyard, screens, indirect natural light, and complete natural ventilation, ensures exceptional energy efficiency, providing a home that seamlessly intertwines with nature in response to its site and climate context.

Comprising cuboid volumes interspersed with an open courtyard, the house caters to three generations across its four levels. The subterranean level, illuminated by a sunken courtyard, accommodates a spacious lounge, gym, and service areas. The ground and first floors house living and dining spaces, with three bedrooms and a small lounge on each level. The second floor features a multipurpose room opening onto a sizable north-facing terrace.

A circulation spine surrounding the courtyard connects landscaped spaces visually, allowing for a fluid movement within the house. Each section of the residence is bathed in natural light, with diffused sunlight penetrating the inner volumes. Considering Jaipur’s extreme climate, the design accounts for eight months of summer and four months of winter.

To combat the summer heat and provide year-round usability, the house incorporates a winter deck facing the garden and a linear summer deck for the main living and dining areas. Individual outdoor decks, balconies, or terraces for each room offer private open spaces, shielded from the summer heat and providing panoramic views.


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