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3 January 2014

Roaches are the worst kind of pest and they seem to survive against all odds. Read on to find out more about a revolutionary way that could possibly help you get rid of them for good.


Prevention is really better than cure in some cases and a cockroach infestation is one of them. It is better to keep them out than having to treat an infected home. Even if your home has been treated for roach infestations, it is still important to ensure that your home is not conducive for them to return again.

The first in the world of its kind, PrinBord Anti Cockroach, is a direct-printed and UV-lacquer coated wood panel that repels cockroaches. Cockroaches that come in contact with the board are repelled by the repellent compound that stimulates their nerves and hence, preventing them from residing or gathering on or around the board.

PrinBord Anti Cockroach provides a long-term solution and much better alternative to chemically-filled pesticides. The lacquer contains a repellent substance derived from plants; hence it is non-toxic, chemical-free and environmentally friendly. It functions as a repellent and does not kill cockroaches, but simply acts as a physical barrier to prevent cockroaches from resting on its surface.


While pesticides offer a temporary solution, Prinbord Anti Cockroach has a long lifespan and also comes with a 3 year warranty. Because it is safe, non-toxic and odourless, Prinbord Anti Cockroach can be used in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and anywhere where hygiene is important.

A head to head comparison shows that PrinBord Anti Cockroach is cost effective as the repellent effect does not need to be renewed as frequently as normal pesticides. Pesticides also adds up to health care cost and cost of eliminating its dangers. PrinBord Anti Cockroach on the other hand, significantly reduces the cost via its long term repel effect.

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