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Top Italian Contemporary Furniture Brands that are Perfect for Malaysian Interiors

by chxadmin

Whether classic or modern, contemporary or futuristic, Italian furniture is synonymous with quality, elegance and creative flair. For Malaysian homeowners who desire a classic yet elegant look for their homes, Italian furniture pieces are often their go-to choices. Here are some of the top furniture brands from Italy that offer wide range of beautiful pieces.

Having started over 30 years ago as a small artisan design and crafts workshop in the heart of the Brianza area, today, Ceppi Style is a household name in Italy as well as in the luxury home lifestyle furniture world. The brand’s concept was developed by founder nd business visionary entrepreneur Mr Claudio Ceppi. The products offered, features all key home style components for the luxury lifestyle from living rooms, to bedrooms, dining rooms, dathrooms and everything in between. To date, Ceppi Style has designed and completed projects throughout the world and has supplied turn-key services in the interior design to the most prestigious palaces, villas, penthouses and private residences globally.

Ceppi Style

Established in 1946 by Antonio and Armando Malerba, Malerba furniture is in perfect and unique harmony with both tradition and contemporary Italian design. With a unique signature that is internationally recognized and appreciated for its talent in finding the way back to style and beauty, where nothing is left to chance but combined to become ‘One’ …A cohesion that gives our products a timeless and borderless beauty that radiates throughout every line, material and detail. More recently the Malerba brand was able to combine the technological innovation necessary for industrial production with the value of manual workmanship of artisan tradition.

Malerba Furniture

B&B Italia has been established with a strong industrial and technological calling that, besides breaking away from the set patterns of the sector, leads the company to face continuous challenges to merge creative ideas and design know-how. Founded in 1966 with the entrepreneurial vision of Piero Ambrogio Busnelli, B&B Italia is a leading Italian company in the international world of designer furniture for both home (B&B Italia Home Division) and contract (B&B Italia Contract Division). B&B Italia’s products have contributed to the history of Italian design. A history based on technology, creativity, and that inherent style that has made Italy famous throughout the world , establishing the “Made in Italy” brand that has been exported to international markets.

B&B Italia

SELVA TIMELESS stands for creativity, variety and Italian craftsmanship. The line is of classic elegance and, as the name suggests, of timeless beauty. Since the foundation 1968 in the heart of the Verona area of classic furniture, the company SELVA has become a worldwide estimated brand for high quality interior. Whether classic or modern: the love for the handicraft is perceptible in each piece of furniture. Inspired by a variety of eras and cultures, their furniture is an interplay of aesthetics, dimensions, form and function. Their varied product line opens up the possibility for people to express their special qualities and to customize their own world.

Established in 1954, Zanotta is one of the recognized leaders in Italian industrial design. Guided by the insight and wonderful entrepreneurship abilities of the founder, Aurelio Zanotta, starting from the 1960s it won and has held the international spotlight, thanks to its products: these are emblematic from the viewpoint of formal innovation as well as of technological research, aiming at a continuous evolution in the materials quality and in the production processes. Zanotta has carved out an all but untouchable place in the ranks of contemporary luxury. The first to grace its catalogue with works by some of the industry’s boldest names, in sixty years Zanotta’s amassed a veritable pantheon of award-winning designs, with almost a fifth residing in permanent museum displays.


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