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Elevating Luxury: Here’s How SWIFT Pro Home Lifts Artistically Take This Villa Home to New Heights

by creativehomex

In the lush suburbs of Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Villa Lagenda stands tall as a four-storey architectural beauty that expresses contemporary luxury. This sophisticated residence, which boasts spectacular views of the iconic Genting Highlands and the sprawling city of Kuala Lumpur, is a visual symphony where a minimalist design language effortlessly mingles with cool local Malaysian vibes.

At the heart of Villa Lagenda is the SWIFT Pro home lift, which brings together design and functionality, seamlessly integrating with the home’s aesthetic. As the main connection point between the residence’s four floors, SWIFT Pro is more than just a home lift; it’s also a statement piece that enhances the overall experience of this immaculately designed family home.

The spacious design of the SWIFT Pro ensures a comfortable and enjoyable ride, making the journey between floors a part of the overall experience. Its large size is a testament to the family’s commitment to creating a home where every detail matters.

Design-wise, SWIFT Pro features the Electric Opal ArtWall. This artistic element transforms into a living piece of art, offering a unique and ever-changing visual experience. In addition, the choice of Traffic White for the lift colour and Stitch black for the lift carpet adds a touch of modernity and brightness to the interiors.

Swimming pool or lift at home? In a bold move, the family of Villa Lagenda decided to embrace both, turning these elements into signature features of their residence. The result is an infinity pool blending seamlessly with the surrounding greenery and a SWIFT Pro home lift, elevating the living spaces to new heights!


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