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Is a Home Lift the Right Choice for Your Home?

by creativehomex

As purveyors of high quality lifts for residential homes, leading Swedish home lift brand Swift Home Lifts understands that installing a home lift requires careful planning and the right conditions. So let’s explore some key factors to help you make an informed decision:

New Build or Existing House
When considering whether to install a lift in a new build or an existing house, one significant advantage of a new build is the increased flexibility it offers during the design phase. With a new build, you have the opportunity to choose the optimal location for the lift. This means you can strategically plan its placement to ensure it fits seamlessly into the overall layout of the house, while taking into consideration factors such as traffic flow, accessibility, and aesthetics. Conversely, existing houses may pose certain limitations when it comes to lift installation. Due to space constraints, existing houses may require smaller lift sizes or more creative solutions to integrate the lift into the existing structure.

Door Placement and Floor Leveling
When designing a lift, you’ll need to carefully consider where the doors should be placed as it will affect the flow of movement and accessibility within the house. You can choose to have the lift doors align with the doors on each floor, ensuring a smooth transition and minimising any disruptions to the existing architectural design. Additionally, you’ll need to decide whether you want the lift to be level with the floor or recessed.

Blending In or Standing Out
The choice between blending the lift into your floor plan or making it a standout feature largely depends on your personal preferences and the overall design aesthetic of your home. Some homeowners may prefer to integrate the lift into the existing architecture, ensuring it harmonises with the surrounding decor and doesn’t draw excessive attention. In this case, the lift can be designed to match the materials, colours, and style of the house, creating a cohesive look.

Questionnaire: Do You Need a Home Lift?
If you are overwhelmed by all the key considerations of choosing a lift, Swift Home Lifts can assist you in making the right choice. Head on over to https://swiftlifts.com/ms/test-can-i-have-a-home-lift/ and fill out the questionnaire. Once your responses are received, look out for valuable insights and recommendations via email.At Swift Home Lifts, the brand is committed to helping you determine if a home lift is the right choice for your home!


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