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Breezy Inspiration: This Seafood Eatery Features a Warm Nautical Concept With Balmy Blues and Rustic Elements

by chxadmin

Established in Kuala Lumpur in 2008, Southern Rock Seafood is a family-run specialist fishmonger brand committed to providing the finest air-flown fish and seafood to customers in Kuala Lumpur, Georgetown and Nusajaya. It has earned an enviable reputation in Malaysia and to date the founder Josh Green and his team have set up several eateries in Malaysia including the Southern Rock Seafood Kitchen in Bangsar as well two Shucked Oyster & Seafood Bar at Publika and The Gardens Mall.

For the Southern Rock Seafood Kitchen restaurant in Bangsar, Ind’finity Design was engaged to do up the 1,500 sqft outlet. Inspired by Southern Rock’s philosophy, the design team formulated a strong concept comprising a warm nautical palette enhanced by ocean-inspired details to bring out the restaurant’s decorative them. This creates an instant wow factor within the space and as soon as visitors arrive at the front entrance, a pleasant atmosphere welcomes them immediately, beckoning them to explore the chic eatery further.

At the patio, blue chairs and tables along with blue awnings create an oceanic theme where ink drawings of seafood on the walls further anchor the nautical theme. Inside, the palette continues all the way towards
the bar area where the space is now presented in a wood-inspired theme.

Thanks to the combination of breezy blues and warm wood tones, the dining space takes on a sophisticated rustic charm. The L-shaped counter at the bar stands out with its muted neutral tones against wood surfaces while on the other side, cosy seating with designer lighting overhead creates an elegant ambience. Overall, textures and colours play an important role in this restaurant to bring out the warm and welcoming theme. While everything is kept simple, little details create a well-crafted look throughout the interior.

Article by: Lily Wong
Images by: Ind’finity Design

This project was featured in the annual edition of ID COMMERCIAL 2016 which features over 200 pages of the most outstanding commercial interior designer projects in Malaysia.

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