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Soothing Ideas to Turn Your Home into a Place of Relaxation This Holiday Season

by creativehomex

The year-end festive season is upon us! It is the best time for all of us to unwind, relax, recharge and rejuvenate as we get ready for the new year. Though the holiday season is also a busy time when family members and friends gather, it is also a time when you can finally give yourself that much-anticipated relaxation which is what you need to prepare for the upcoming year ahead. There is no better space to start than your home, your place of sanctuary.

This holiday season, start your project and be inspired by these soothing ideas by Cosentino featuring their sustainable surfaces. The Cosentino Dekton Kraftizen collection that stands for the beauty of handcraftsmanship to turn your home into a space will elude a relaxing and soothing atmosphere for you and your family to embark on complete relaxation and rejuvenation before you take on the year ahead.

Pamper Yourself and Soak Your Worries Away

Walls featuring Umber from the Dekton Kraftizen collection

A relaxing soak is the perfect way to unwind and relieve tension after a long day and during the holidays. In fact, regular baths have been associated with a variety of health benefits, including stress relief, muscle relaxation and sleep improvement. If you are wondering how to create a soothing atmosphere, you can consider implementing Cosentino in various parts of your bathroom such as the walls, floorings or as a bathtub. For example, Umber from the Dekton Kraftizen collection, which is a timeless, rebellious colour with its own personality and a special charisma, is a warm and cosy terracotta colour that is ideal to be installed in your bathroom interiors to exude Earth tones closely connected to nature. To add a special touch, you can also use scented candles, bath salts or diffusers to complete the spa-like experience and ambience for the complete relaxation that you desire.

Holiday Cooking as the Ultimate Stress Reliever

(L-R) Countertops featuring Albarium and Argentium from the Dekton Kraftizen collection

Cooking can be a form of therapy for many as it clears the head and relaxes the body. Some kitchen tasks such as chopping, stirring and sauteing make the act of cooking meditative, often nourishing and help rejuvenate your mood. Cooking engages your senses, creativity, and emotions. For instance, the smell of a dish might remind you of your grandmother’s house, or perhaps your favourite restaurant or vacation. It allows you to be immersed in these memories as you cook, which is a therapeutic way to relieve stress and boost your mood. Not only that, cooking together with your family is also a great way to bond, be merry and make new memories, especially during the holidays, when you are not caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

So if you are thinking of changing up your kitchen countertop to a more durable option that will last you for many years and holidays to come, you can consider installing surfaces from Cosentino. It is resistant to abrasion, scratch, impact, stains and water, so you do not have to worry that you or your family accidentally ruin your countertop. You can opt for the newly launched collection – Dekton Kraftizen which features colours like Argentium, a perfect matte gray that can be combined with both warm and cold atmospheres or Albarium, a peaceful, powdery white that refers directly to the primary element of this colour: marble dust.

Relax and Spend Quality Time with Your Loved Ones

(L-R) Countertops featuring Nacre and Micron from the Dekton Kraftizen collection

Taking time out to spend quality time with your family and friends during the holidays is another effective way to relieve stress and there is no better way to unwind with meaningful conversations, watching a holiday movie together or bonding over food and games, with a cosy living space. To cosy up your living room, you can install one of Cosentino’s Dekton Kraftizen collection as your tabletop, floorings or the walls in the living room with calming and tranquil colours such as Nacre or Micron. For a soothing effect, go for Nacre, a colour in movement that engages all senses and delights with a silky finish as the fingers run over the different reliefs and scattered gradients. If you prefer a deep, dark shade that conveys a comforting sense of calm, choose Miron which could also act as a plain canvas for you to deck up your space with some personal touches or decor like holiday ornaments that express your personality and mood of the season or time.

Find out more about Dekton® Kraftizen here: https://www.cosentino.com/en-my/dekton/kraftizen/

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