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Serene Simplicity: S:lab 10 Exemplifies How Form and Function Can Create an Exquisite Ambience

by chxadmin

Sublimely striking in its own unique way, this home immerses you in a state of quietude as you traverse the different spaces that S:lab 10 has crafted meticulously using a combination of architectural forms and stylistic manoeuvres. In fact, there’s a touch of fashionable flair too – something that has consistently distinguished this firm’s works from others.

Unlike most terrace houses which open out to the street, this 2,060 sq.ft. home closes in on itself with low and high level courtyards. As you make your way through the ground floor’s outdoor courtyard into the main living spaces it becomes apparent why S:lab 10 has decided on this approach. Both the courtyard and outdoor garden effectively shield the interior from the vehicular and pedestrian activity outside, resulting in a harmonious flow of spaces.

“We have incorporated two staggered courtyards to sculpt out the three-dimensional volume of the entire terrace,” Jason Sim, Hao Wang and Fion Hsu, the designers from S:lab 10 explain. “In doing so, we can also bring in an ample stream of natural light to the surrounding spaces such as the living room below and the bedroom above.”

Against a modest minimal palette of black and white, timber detailing is used to create a cohesive look. For instance, the floating timber steps trimmed in black accentuates the double height volume of the central space while connecting the home’s different levels.

“The levitating effect of the floating timber steps introduces a sense of weightlessness to the interior,” Sim says. “We have also used mirrors to enhance the perception of space while creating elements of surprise through the subtle play of light and space.”

Throughout the home’s interior, simple and clean lines take the lead but unique features are strategically applied to add visual interest into the whitewashed spaces. “The fixtures, fittings and accessories are from the owner’s personal collection that he acquired from all over the world,” Sim adds. “These pieces are not merely design features as they also authentically depict a lifestyle.”

This project is one of MFID 2016’s Top 10 winning designs. See the interview here:


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