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Sipping Tranquility: Modern Elegance Meets Zen in the Woods | GI Design

by creativehomex

In the midst of the urban jungle, there’s a constant yearning for a tranquil and comfortable sanctuary, a place where one can shed the burdens of the day and cleanse the clutter of the mind. Imagine coming home to a space where you can unwind, brew a pot of tea, and appreciate the serenity of a lush green tree outside your window. This idyllic scene is what GI Design seeks to create—a modern and elegant abode infused with a sense of Zen.

As you step through the door, your gaze is immediately drawn to the Japanese Pine tree standing tall outside the floor-to-ceiling window. Its ancient silhouette and evergreen foliage exude a timeless charm, reminiscent of a sage from antiquity—graceful, dignified, and resilient like the pine. The homeowner takes special care to invite a skilled arborist annually to prune and shape the tree, guiding its growth along a predetermined path. The presence of this tree serves as a symbolic transition upon entering the home, where the hustle and bustle of the outside world fade away, and a sense of calm descends upon the mind. This fusion of modern aesthetics and Zen philosophy creates a harmonious living space that invites introspection and tranquility—a haven amidst the chaos of city life.

This project draws on the essence of Japanese Zen aesthetics as its foundation, seamlessly blending in elements of modern elegance. The garden, composed of Japanese Pine tree, river stones, and landscape rocks, creates a serene and natural ambiance, evoking the poetic beauty of Japanese Zen. Leisurely strolling through this space, one feels a profound connection with nature, experiencing the indescribable beauty of everyday tranquility.

The outdoor tea area features natural wooden tables and chairs, adorned with tea sets, providing a corner for relaxation and contemplation. The ceiling is crafted from aluminum with a wood grain finish, carefully selected to harmonize with the natural hues and textures, infusing the space with a sense of humanistic Zen. The entire area is enveloped in an atmosphere of leisure and elegance, with louvered doors leading to a shoe cabinet, creating a blurred boundary between indoor and outdoor spaces, enhancing the openness and clarity of the view.

In consideration of Feng Shui principles and guest reception, the entrance hall floor is meticulously crafted with three types of stones arranged in a unique pattern. The craftsmanship of the floor mosaic is a testament to the skill of the craftsmen, as any missing or misplaced piece would disrupt the overall design. Ultimately, the entrance hall floor becomes a focal point of artistic expression within the space. Circular elements echo throughout the design, with embedded lights in wooden strips, showcasing the texture of the wood grain and enriching the visual impact upon entering the space.

As you enter through the foyer, sunlight streams in through the glass windows, adhering to the design concept of minimizing screen time to foster more focused interaction among family members. Multiple window frames bring the endless greenery into view, seamlessly integrating the outdoor landscape with the indoor space. In the living room, a palette of simple colors, pure materials, and understated techniques creates a sanctuary for the soul, promoting complete relaxation of the mind and body. The designer has incorporated a comprehensive smart home system throughout the residence, allowing the homeowner to control devices, curtains, lighting, and more with ease via an iPad, effortlessly adapting the ambiance to suit their mood.

Looking horizontally through the window frames, the designer ingeniously integrates a semi-recessed display cabinet with the ventilated shoe cabinet outdoors, achieving a dual-purpose wall. Not only does it fulfill both display and storage needs simultaneously, but it also seamlessly blends with the wall surface, diminishing the volume of the cabinet. Crafted from wood paneling, the open shelving unit combines warm wood grain with soft lighting, accentuating the transparency of the crystal art pieces and showcasing the beauty of the space’s furnishings and the homeowner’s exceptional taste in collectibles.

In the elevator lobby, the designer uses light wood tones as the primary hue, accentuated by black decorative lines on the all-wood panels. Natural light from the adjacent glass windows, combined with artificial lighting, casts subtle floating shadows on the marble floor, enhancing the overall space with a refined quality.

To accommodate the homeowner’s gatherings with friends, an airy and spacious dining area is created, featuring a 12-person marble dining table that effortlessly transforms into a comfortable and elegant social hub. The kitchen cabinets are adorned with elegant wood tones, white, and Mordant Blue panels, shaping a serene and leisurely dining atmosphere. The consistent, understated, and elegant color scheme complements the entire storage cabinet, revitalizing the entire space.

Adjacent to the elegant dining area, the light refreshment corner features sleek countertops and backsplashes made of ultra-thin 6mm KompacPlus material. The serving window enhances efficiency without the need for constant kitchen-to-dining movement.

In the bar area, a dark-colored stone bar with intricate patterns creates an understated and atmospheric space for casual drinks and conversations, complemented by three high stools. A wine cabinet and display area add a touch of sophistication, while the spacious tea corner invites relaxation amidst natural wood furnishings. Guided by natural light through the glass windows, the space exudes brightness and warmth. Embracing a tasteful minimalist aesthetic, it accentuates the simple and genuine essence of natural materials. Sipping aromatic tea amidst this mountain retreat, one can escape worldly distractions, embracing the tranquility gifted by nature and savoring the elegance and joy in everyday life.

Widened countertops and large sinks simplify the cleaning of cookware, with ample windows offering views of greenery. The layout ensures a smooth workflow for simultaneous use by four to five people. With a focus on functionality and aesthetics, this space seamlessly combines modern design with tranquil living.

Ascending to the second floor, the multifunctional fitness area extends the wooden theme of the public spaces. Recessed linear lights in the ceiling create a comfortable lighting effect. With large windows on one side, the space enjoys ample natural light and scenic views. A full-length mirror allows for monitoring posture changes, catering to the homeowner’s yoga and weightlifting routines.

Behind a hidden door lies the homeowner’s retreat, featuring an integrated gray open display cabinet showcasing vinyl records and unique wines, creating a private haven with a music hall, guest bathroom, and a small tea area for undisturbed relaxation.

Wooden elements dominate the walls and ceilings, creating a soothing atmosphere reminiscent of a forest clearing. Sloped ceilings enhance sound reflection, while layers of brick, asbestos, plywood, and wallpaper provide soundproofing and acoustic absorption, ensuring an immersive audio experience.

In the master bedroom, a natural wood color palette reflects a Zen lifestyle, blending harmonious colors, natural materials, and practical functionality. The striped detailing on display and storage cabinets adds a refined sense of layering to the overall design.

A simple and elegant wardrobe combines white and wood tones, embodying a Japanese Zen aesthetic. Ample built-in lighting and a central island display cabinet provide organized storage for fashion accessories. A window-side storage platform serves as a convenient place for luggage and clothing organization. The window-side storage alcove doubles as a seating area for luggage organization. 

The master bathroom features serene gray cement and wood-patterned tiles, creating a natural ambiance. A sunken bathtub optimizes space and comfort, while a separate shower area utilizes pure mountain water for a rejuvenating experience, enhancing the overall bathing experience.

| This case was designed by GI Design 

Article by: Lee Khe Ying

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