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Out of the Box: Sculptural Home in the Middle of Tokyo Redefines Space and Privacy

by creativehomex

Murakoshi House, situated in Tokyo, Japan, is an understated dwelling masterminded by Hiroki Watanabe. This two-story plus loft wooden residence caters to a city-dwelling couple. The property is uniquely pentagon-shaped, nestled on a street corner encircled by roads in three different directions. The presence of a nearby stream and the adjacent road facilitates a pleasant flow of air, but with numerous passersby and vehicles, privacy became a paramount consideration for the design team.

Complicating matters, the location had a potential flooding risk, necessitating a plan that could serve as flood control. To address these challenges, the architects conceived a “void” that spans across the structure, ushering in light and air while maintaining pathways for people and vehicles, all the while effectively guarding against water intrusion. This approach harmoniously accommodated the essential elements of “light, wind, people, cars, and water” that enveloped the site.

To maximize the use of the available land, the architects carefully shaped the building into a pentagonal configuration that perfectly aligned with the site’s unique contours. They also opted for a second-floor and loft structure to adhere to height restrictions, fire safety regulations, and structural considerations. Additionally, they designed a raised foundation for the first floor to minimize potential flood-related damage.

Given the close proximity of neighboring houses and the owner’s preference for a seamless, window-minimal exterior, the studio strategically positioned the windows on the outer walls and created a spacious opening in the external atrium leading to the courtyard on the first floor. This design balanced privacy, natural illumination, and ventilation requirements.

The trapezoidal living-dining area, with its clever design, imparts a sense of spaciousness, while the floor plan ensures easy movement and a captivating view of the upper section of the external atrium, adding depth to the overall experience.

This Project is a Silver A’ Design Award Winner for Architecture, Building and Structure Design Category in 2022


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