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MPavilion 10: Tadao Ando’s Tranquil Structure of Geometric Elegance in Melbourne

by creativehomex

The Naomi Milgrom Foundation’s flagship initiative, MPavilion, unveils its groundbreaking MPavilion 10 on November 16, a creation by the internationally acclaimed and Pritzker Prize-winning architect Tadao Ando. Situated in Queen Victoria Gardens, this marks Ando’s inaugural project in Australia, showcasing his distinctive approach with bold geometric interventions in natural surroundings and a masterful use of concrete.

The launch initiates a five-month design festival featuring over 150 public events, all of which are free to attend. Since its inception in 2014, MPavilion has evolved into one of Australia’s most attended and influential festivals, drawing over 350,000 visitors in its ninth season.

Nestled within Melbourne’s cultural and botanic garden precinct, MPavilion 10 is a remarkable structure engaging in a dialogue with its park setting, creating a harmonious space integrated with nature. The pavilion boasts a significant canopy—a 14.4-meter aluminum-clad disc supported by a central concrete column. Two offset squares form entrances leading to the pavilion’s center. Concrete walls of varying lengths partially enclose the space, evoking the tranquility of a traditional Japanese walled garden.

A nearly 17m by 0.225mhorizontal opening runs along both the north and south walls, framing panoramic views of downtown Melbourne and the parklands. This design element establishes a visual connection between the cityscape and the lush greenery of Queen Victoria Gardens with the interior of MPavilion 10. The geometric precision and symmetry extend to the internal layout, divided into a paved area and a reflecting pool mirroring the pavilion’s canopy, the sky, the cityscape, and the surrounding nature.

“I am honoured to have completed my first project in Australia, and to have created a piece of living architecture that will have such an important role in the cultural life of Melbourne this summer,” said Tadao Ando, architect of MPavilion 10. “I hope that as people visit, they allow this space to enter their hearts, and allow their senses to tune into the light and breeze interacting with them and this space. I hope for them an experience of harmony with nature, with themselves, and with others.”


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