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Creating a Livable Work of Art: Classic French Châteaux with a Modern Twist

by creativehomex

In Beverly Hills, a unique hybrid residence has been created by the Los Angeles-based Landry (LDG) for a hospitality industry entrepreneur with a passion for classic French châteaux and modern architecture. The client sought a layout reminiscent of a grand hotel, with expansive common areas transitioning to elegant yet intimate private spaces. LDG designed a home that seamlessly unifies both architectural concepts, honoring both period style and contemporary living.

LDG partner Mark Savary explains that the design began with the geometry and proportions of a formal traditional château, taking traditional details and reinventing them in contemporary ways. The exterior features openings surrounded by slots of light, replacing the more expected decorative moldings, and a cobblestone driveway that recalls old European streets while maintaining a refined appearance. Inside, the hybrid theme is carried through with simple light coves bordering the ceiling in place of traditional crown moldings.

The client’s 21st-century lifestyle is reflected in the replacement of the formal living spaces of historic châteaux with rooms that prioritize space for an office and theater on the first floor, as well as entertainment-oriented venues such as a luxurious bar and a wine cellar/tasting room that accommodates over 5,000 bottles. LDG’s elegant architecture is complemented by Philip Nimmo & Company’s curation of a sophisticated collection of modern, theatrical furnishings and sleek finishes throughout. Black glass walls create a striking contrast to the limestone and add a sexy, mysterious, and dramatic energy to the home.

As with most LDG designs, the home provides exceptional connectivity to the natural environment, including a retractable 50-foot wall of glass in the great room, enhancing an indoor-outdoor lifestyle reminiscent of a resort hotel. Lush landscaping and gardens surround the home with modern interpretations of traditional French topiaries and espaliered walls, reinforcing the contemporary château theme. Water and fire features are integrated into expansive terraces on the main level, while an upstairs deck provides generous outdoor living spaces adjoining the primary suite.

Referred to as “Papillon” by the client, the home features a number of art pieces that reinforce the moniker, including a nine-foot-high butterfly sculpture called “Dream Machine” and a spectacular chandelier consisting of 350 hand-blown glass butterflies suspended from the glass rotunda in the soaring foyer. These themed works are showcased among a collection of eclectic, museum-quality art throughout the contemporary château.

“Our design began with the geometry and proporti ons of aformal, traditi onal château, taking traditi onal details and reinventi ng them in contemporary ways.On the exterior, openings are surrounded by slots of light, replacing the more expected decorati vemoldings. The cobblestone driveway recalls old streets in Europe while maintaining a more refi nedappearance. The hybrid theme is also carried into the home, where simple light coves border theceiling in place of traditional crown moldings,” comments Savary.


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