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2 January 2014,

The brain development of a child starts as early as the first five years, hence it is important to ensure that they have a comfortable and safe dwelling. The Castle series is just the thing that every concerned parent would want for their child.


These days, parents are more aware of the importance of prepping their children to be independent. Therefore they are constantly doing their level best to provide their children with a comfortable, safe and learning environment. The Castle series is meticulously made to meet these requirements.


The Castle series is innovatively designed to allow little ones to reach out and familiarize with their favourite space. With vibrant colours and a great variety of patterns, it is these very elements that trigger the creative mind. Not only does this encourage them to be more imaginative; throughout the process, it also helps mould their world views and develop analytical skills.


Of course safety is one of the issues that Castle takes into consideration seriously as well. In terms of design, Castle is made stylishly and uniquely with appropriate materials. For instance, there are soft-close hinges at cupboard doors, round bed edges and soft textured handle material. Children are well protected in every way when using products from the Castle series.

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