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JIKSOO Hyper Rose Gold: The Ideal Choice for Rose Gold Lovers and High-Tech Buffs

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Cleaner water means healthier lives. JIKSOO Hyper Rose Gold brings pure and clean water to everyone with its JIKSOO tankless system brimming with impressive features and an attractive appearance.

Malaysians are fortunate to have access to clean water every day. However, drinking water straight from the tap may not be a good idea. Studies have shown that the presence of chemical and or microbiological elements in untreated or poorly treated drinking water can cause health issues in the long run. Thankfully, there are water purifiers to ensure cleaner water for daily consumption.

Stagnant water causes algae reproduction in the tank

While there are many types of water purification systems to choose from, most of them come with a conventional tank to store filtered water. The tanks may ensure a continuous supply of water for your convenience. However, when clean water is stored in a tank, it becomes stagnant and creates a fertile environment for bacteria growth. According to a study, drinking water stored in tanks showed bacteria contamination within 24 hours, even when the water has met WHO’s maximum permissible limit of pH, temperature, and turbidity level.

Designed to give you clean drinking water without compromising essential minerals, the stylish JIKSOO Hyper Rose Gold brings an exclusive system from SK magic to ensure water is never stagnant while providing 99.9% UV sterilisation to offer you water that is free from bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. This is made possible via JIKSOO’s advanced tankless system featuring a 304 stainless steel waterway and a 3-level filtration for clean and fresh water at every point. With a pore size as minute as 0.001 nanometre, JIKSOO’s nanotech filtration system effectively filters microplastics, bacteria, and other harmful substances found in water.

JIKSOO Hyper Rose Gold’s tankless system, which allows water to flow directly from the water source, eliminates the need for storing extra volume of water in a tank, thus saving water consumption. This technology also reduces power consumption significantly at a minimum of 530Wh daily. Based on general estimation, this works out to only 12 cents per day or approximately RM3.73 monthly in your electricity bill.

We often make different types of beverages throughout the day. Thus, the right water temperature is necessary. JIKSOO Hyper Rose Gold offers a 3-level heating system with a convenient selection of ambient water, cold water as well as hot or warm water for different uses. This includes Infant Water (45°C / 50°C / 55°C), which is optimised temperature for baby formula, Tea Temperature (70°C) to make that perfect cup of tea, and Hot Temperature (90°C) for coffee and instant noodles. You don’t have to worry about rust or strange smells and tastes in your hot water. Unlike water dispensed from a plastic tank, JIKSOO Hyper Rose Gold’s stainless-steel waterway is rust-proof, durable, and delivers a safer source of hot water every time.

For your convenience, JIKSOO Hyper Rose Gold also comes with a Smart Moving Tap that allows you to adjust the water outlet to suit different container heights (3cm up and down). This nifty feature minimises water splashes to keep your kitchen counter clean and dry. Children are welcome to use JIKSOO Hyper Rose Gold as well. A child-friendly button to dispense water is located at a child’s eye level for safe and easy access. Rest assured that this button only provides cold and ambient water to prevent the risk of hot water scalding.

More than just a highly efficient appliance, JIKSOO Hyper Rose Gold is an elegant statement piece for modern kitchens. Now available in sleek, rosy gold colour, the sophisticated-looking JIKSOO Hyper Rose Gold uplifts your countertop space with a vibrant effect, adding a touch of minimalist aesthetic to your home interior. Moreover, its compact size is a space-saving feature that seamlessly blends with other interior elements in your home.


JIKSOO Hyper Rose Gold is available at an introductory price of RM 125/month and purchase price of RM 4,600.

For more details, log on to https://www.skmagic.com.my/product/jik-soo-hyper-rose-gold/

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