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Italy in Design Week Special: Made In Italy Brands to Fall in Love With!

by creativehomex

A beloved destination known for its beautiful landscapes and delightful cultural sites, Italy is more than just its gorgeous and picturesque sceneries. Over the decades, Italy has successfully developed a strong reputation for producing high-quality products. The infamous expression “Made in Italy” represents Italian artisan and industrial excellence. For those who covet durability, creativity and originality, Made in Italy is the way to go. It’s time to fall in love with Italy with these exquisite Italian and Italian-inspired brands.


Italy is known for unique appliances that combine inspiration from their heritage as well as new technology and modern aesthetics. To date, the home appliances market in Italy is worth billions of euros. The country is also home to some famous household appliance brands.

SMEG, an Italian home appliance manufacturer, is renowned for its iconic retro refrigerator and a wide range of fashionable domestic appliances. SMEG’s expressive Dolce&Gabbana collection titled Sicily is my love is their latest Made in Italy project featuring small appliances produced by SMEG with the design of Matteo Bazzicalupo and Raffaella Mangiarotti (deepdesign) and an unmistakable Dolce & Gabbana touch.

Foster is an Italian kitchen appliances company that offers an exquisite range of innovative and trendy kitchen designs and sleek modern range cookers. The company roots their inspiration in their love for art and the long-running Italian cultural heritage. Foster’s range-cooker collection, which comprises the modular induction cooker hub, is intelligently designed with efficient features for modern kitchens. Holding deep values in sustainability, Foster ensures that their collections are energy efficient.

Known for their freestanding range cooker, the technological and aesthetic content of GLEM represents the emblematic image of Made in Italy. To date, the brand is synonymous with style, design and product quality. Glem’s primary goal in over half a century in the business is to be “Cooking Specialists”. Their products are high performing, versatile and reliable, and they are made to last and are easy to use. Designed to exceed your expectations with passion and intelligence, Glem transforms the personal and intimate experience of those who use their premium products.


Italian tiles go beyond a beautiful aesthetic. Thanks to extensive research, design, and production processes, Italian tile companies are well-known for tile collections made from natural materials and innovative technology. The growth of the Italian tile industry in the global market continues to invent, adopt and diffuse new techniques into the industry.

With over 50 years of manufacturing experience, Guocera is renowned as the tile brand of choice in over 50 countries, from Asia-Pacific and the Middle East to Europe and America. The brand delivers more than just the highest quality products – consumers also turn to this brand for inspiration to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary interior masterpieces. One of their key highlights is their Italian tile series which includes Verticas, Inmagine and Relax at Lounge. These tiles come in a wide range of hues and themes, allowing design flexibility. The Italian’s classic luxurious look is implemented in these tilings, creating a high-end and elegant outlook.

Italy is one of the leading destinations for impeccable and luxurious furniture. From textile art and high-quality materials to the wide selection of furniture, Italian furniture design offers a distinctive combination of remarkable craftsmanship and imaginative styles throughout the decades. The Italian furniture industry’s booming success results from constant research and passion that guarantee the Italians a stable position as Europe’s finest.

Function and fashion are synonymous with the Sofology brand, which offers a vast array of sofas, dining tables, chairs and exquisite furniture pieces from Italy. To make their collections accessible to a broader clientele, Sofology made it their mission to curate furniture selections of premium Italian quality at affordable prices for the Malaysian market. Based on their “The Living Attitude” motto, the brand ensure authenticity when it comes to personalised design for everyday living.

Nardi is an ambassador of Italian style across the globe. For over 30 years, the company has produced resin furniture for outdoor use, suitable for both residential and contract settings, owing to an in-depth search into the best design and quality. Nardi’s outdoor collections are designed to make life easier for people: this is why distinctive styling is teamed with outstanding resistance and durability. Designed by Raffaello Galiotto and produced thanks to their experience gained over multiple decades, Nardi products have received international accolades such as the Adi Design Index, the Red Dot Design Award, Good Design Award and the Green Good Design Award.

Italy makes it a point to share its love for the finer things in life and higher living standards with the rest of the world. With a market size amounting to almost 832 million euros, Italian mattress brands create mattresses that not only allow you to savour the pleasure of sleep but also provide consumers with stylish quality. Italian mattresses are made to encourage good posture, give optimal support to your spine and protect your sleep quality in the long run.

META, an Italian bespoke mattress brand, is one of the leading specialists in bedding technology. Ever since their brand invented the pocket spring in Italy in 1972, META has been producing their own bed springs to curate each mattress to customers’ specific needs. With their tailored spring tension and pure natural latex fibres, META’s mattresses gift customers with the experience of deep soothing sleep with little to no body aches.

An Italian brand specialising in mattresses and beds, the Magniflex philosophy is based on four fundamental values: excellence in rest, the importance of wellbeing, innovation drive and protection of the environment. Magniflex believes in offering rest that is comfortable and improves the overall quality of life as well as being in balance with the shared environment. With this in mind, the brand has developed a broad and diversified range of mattresses using only the best quality materials to meet consumers’ needs.

Italy is home to some of the most famous audiovisual brands in the global market. In a country where art of all forms is appreciated and focused on, these same aspects are also incorporated into the design and production of different types of AV equipment. Italy’s extensively high quality and detailed craftsmanship allow them to steadily maintain their position in the international AV industry.

K-ARRAY Audio Solutions is a well-known manufacturer of audio solutions for professionals. Having been in the industry since the 2000s, K-ARRAY is a brand that prides itself in innovating audiovisual equipment that enables professionals to achieve high-quality media. Their company provides various lines of AV setups for all occasions, including museums, nightclubs, events and many others. No matter how diverse specifications are, the brand can curate its audiovisual solutions according to customers’ unique needs.

In the ever-changing automobile industry, Italy remains one of the top players in the luxury cars arena. Italian cars are one of the few that have won the “European Car of the Year” annual award multiple times and have also been coined the most significant automobile producers. This is attributed to the country’s strong roots in design traditions and principles, birthing various famous luxury car brands such as Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Ferrari and so on.

A world-renowned Italian luxury sports car manufacturer founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1939, Ferrari is the epitome of tradition and innovation – values that are exemplified in their collections. What makes Ferrari truly special in the competitive automobile industry is their utilisation of race technology in their ordinary streetcars, an innovation unlike any other. Manufactured in 1989, the ultra-stunning Ferrari 328 GTS is considered by car enthusiasts to be one of the most reliable and functional Ferraris. GTS referred to the Gran Turismo Spider (targa top) while the “328” numbers in the model title referred to the total cubic capacity of the engine, 3.2 litres, and 8 for the number of cylinders.

The Italians have a deep appreciation for Italian tableware’s tradition, knowledge, quality, and originality. Italy tableware brands provide more than just fine dinnerware but also a touch of luxury and refinement on your dinner table. From cutlery and glassware to ceramic dishes, Italian tableware is decorative and practical at the same time. For a country known for their love for food, quality tableware is also highly regarded as part of the dining experience.

Artelia, a multi-brand tableware concept store in Malaysia, brings together luxury Italian dinner and tableware brands such as IVV Diamante, Richard Ginori and Versace. Artelia stands out from the rest of the industry through its long-standing relationships with the finest brands. Their IVV Diamante collection consists of clear texture tableware, while Richard Ginori features beautifully designed floral illustrations. For those who want a more classic yet bolder piece, Versace’s classic border designs would be an impressive addition to your dining table.

Where cultural inspiration meets refreshing modernisations, Italy is known for interior designers that think out of the box. With its breathtaking high fashion inspirations and scenic landscapes, it’s only natural for Italy to be known for their unique interior design. As most Italian decorative styles will show, luxury and unique designs can be created without compromising heritage and functionality. Drawing inspiration from the world around them, Italian interior design is all about the classic yet minimalistic and high-quality luxury.

LL Redefine Renovation & Design Sdn Bhd is an interior design firm that takes cue from the Italian architectural language to create interior themes that are brimming with a personalised touch. With over 10 years of global experience in creating timeless space designs, they provide all-inclusive interior services characterised by quality workmanship, cost-effective renovation and responsive customer service. With an established platform and well-trained in-house designers, they can fulfil clients’ expectations above and beyond. The firm also collaborates with Italian mattress brand Manifest to ensure their customers have the best bedding selections to match their luxurious homes.

In Italy, locals often utilise scooters to travel around. It’s a fun yet convenient and fashionable way to be out and about. A practical alternative to travelling through the congested city traffic overwhelmed with cars, scooters are somewhat a household necessity. Scooters are also a staple symbol of the 1950s, with a long-running history in the Italian retro culture. With such great demand for scooters in the country, it’s only natural that brands invest additional time and effort into researching only the best and optimal designs for scooters.

Vespa, an Italian company renowned as the pioneer in the scooter industry, has over 75 years of experience in creating designs for scooters. Their distinctive Made In Italy style has made its mark all across the globe and has always been ahead in terms of mobility and cutting-edge technology. Vespa recently joined forces with Dior to create an exclusive range of scooter designs and matching accessories.

Italian food is well-loved by many people around the world – for good reasons. Apart from unique culinary creations, Italian cuisine is also known for its fresh produce and natural ingredients. Whether it’s Aglio olio or pizza, the original flavour and texture of the ingredients used are curated for our taste buds to truly taste the bliss of good food.

Bertolli is an Italian food manufacturer known for its unique blend of extra-virgin olive oil and pasta sauces. The Bertolli name was founded in the small Tuscan town of Lucca, Italy and has been the core of Italian cuisine for over 150 years. Over time, the brand has perfected its olive oil to complement the natural taste of your cooking – however, it is also amazing on its own! In addition, Bertolli takes Italian cuisine a step further by making pasta sauces that infuse the simple goodness of Italian flavour into modern cooking.

Gelatomio is a traditional Italian ice cream brand with over 20 years of gelato-making experience. Specialising in smooth gelato ice cream comprising a wide variety of flavours, Gelatomio’s gelato is made fresh upon request, incorporating locally sourced ingredients and the finest imported goods. The brand offers milk-based gelato (up to 95% fat-free) and water-based sorbettos (up to 99% fat-free). Be it a wedding, birthday party, corporate event, or any celebration you dreamt of having, Gelatomio offers custom-made ice cream to suit any occasion.

Italy is a destination with beautiful historic and contemporary architecture. Thus, it’s little wonder Italian building materials industry plays a significant role in the country’s architectural design arena. Some of the commonly used materials include steel, wood, glass, clay, concrete, plaster and cement. Each of these materials also carries high export value, which has led to a rise in Italian material manufacturers and suppliers.

As Malaysia’s pioneer in the particleboard manufacturing industry, MIECO’s up-to-trend designs and environmentally friendly stance make it a preferred choice for top designers from both Asia and Europe. In 2022, MIECO launches MIECO HPL, their exquisite range of MIECO High-pressure Laminates. A collection that blends function and aesthetic, these products are ideal as core materials for home renovations and office furniture. Thanks to its wide range of choices, MIECO HPL further provides customers with seamless material combinations, making room for more design possibilities.

Italian bath and kitchenware are revered all over the world. It’s easy to see why. They are made with meticulous craftsmanship and quality materials complemented by innovative features. From bathroom fittings and accessories to kitchen hardware and essentials, Made in Italy sanitary and kitchen brands excel in research and development, impeccable designs and exceptional ideas.

Inspired by the beauty of Italian design, Levanzo, one of the leading global sanitaryware brands, brings together a collection of sleek and contemporary kitchen and bathroom ware. Their new generation of kitchen sinks is designed for multifunctional applications, blending perfectly with modern cook spaces. Easy to clean, their kitchen sinks come with additional interchangeable accessories that suit all kinds of preparation methods.

Check out all these amazing products at the Italy in Design Week 2022 at Bangsar Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur! See you there!

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