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Interlight Technology: Shaping the Future of Advertising with LED Display Technology

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With the progress of the times and continuous innovation in technology, outdoor advertising is no longer limited to traditional static billboards. In order to meet the evolving market demands, LED displays have become the preferred choice for many advertisers to attract attention and enhance brand image, emerging as the new darling of the advertising industry.

Interlight Technology, with 13 years of market experience, has achieved a milestone in Malaysia by becoming the first company to set a record in the Malaysia Book of Records for constructing the ‘Largest gantry LED Screen at LDP’ highway. Through a partnership with the renowned Chinese LED technology manufacturer, LCF (联诚发), Interlight Technology holds exclusive distribution rights for the LCF brand in Malaysia and Indonesia. The company is committed to providing high-quality and diversified LED full-color display solutions.

From Storefronts to Entertainment Venues: Diversified Display Solutions Expertise

With an extensive product line ranging from Standing LED display to Indoor and Outdoor LED display screen, Flexible Curve LED screens, Floor LED display screen, Interactive Signage and various other series, Interlight Technology caters to the display needs of diverse settings such as brand storefronts, retail and dining establishments, commercial buildings, entertainment venues, public spaces, advertising media, conference facilities, and more, offering solutions for public space information display. Not only does Interlight Technology provide professional installation services and a robust after-sales maintenance team, but it also maintains ample inventory to ensure timely repairs and servicing throughout the product lifecycle, providing comprehensive support to its clientele.

Attracting Attention from Afar, Impressing Up Close: The Ultimate Choice for Commercial Displays

To meet the rental demands of commercial displays, Interlight Technology introduces LED display screens that offer high brightness, high contrast, high resolution, and wide viewing angles, ensuring vivid and spectacular visual experiences even in bright outdoor conditions. Whether in storefront windows, festive events, trade shows, or sports events, these displays can attract the attention of target customers from a distance, becoming the most eye-catching presence in the venue. Through dynamic and compelling content, they further enhance customers’ visual sensory experiences, resulting in superior advertising effectiveness compared to traditional static lightboxes and posters.

Equipped with a CMS (Content Management System), these displays enable real-time remote control of multiple advertising units distributed across various locations via Wi-Fi. With the flexibility to adjust and update promotional content on-the-fly, precise advertising placement can be achieved during different time slots to reach target audiences effectively, thereby enhancing brand exposure and delivering optimal returns on investment for brands.

Innovative Naked-eye 3D Effects Captivate Attention

The LED display screen adopts a modular design, offering flexible sizing options that can be tailored to vertical or horizontal installations as needed. Its slim and lightweight profile makes it ideal for creating giant screens on the facades of architectural buildings. Outdoor LED display screens support High Dynamic Range (HDR) image refinement technology and utilize seamless splicing methods, allowing for infinite expansion and seamless connections of images. This results in a smooth viewing experience, particularly at 90-degree corners, where it perfectly achieves innovative naked-eye 3D effects. These effects create a strong sense of three-dimensional space, delivering visually stunning and realistic effects that rapidly capture the audience’s attention and leave a lasting brand impression.

Comprehensive Performance Outshines Traditional Billboards

Compared to traditional billboards, LED display screens boast low maintenance, high durability, and long lifespans. They also feature high protection ratings, effectively withstanding water, dust, and high temperatures for round-the-clock operation in various environments. These screens are easy to maintain, requiring only the replacement of faulty modules without the need for costly panel replacements, making them more economical. Leveraging profound insights into the LED market demands, Interlight Technology continuously develops and introduces a diversified range of LED display screen products. With professional, reliable, and efficient services, it empowers more brands to stand out in the fiercely competitive market.

Chinese version: 引領商業廣告展示新風潮!Interlight Technology LED 顯示科技擴展未來廣告新格局

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