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id Commercial: Kewpump HQ


With its remarkable architectural concept, the Kewpump HQ designed by Kenny Chong Architect & A3 Projects Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Arch Cubic) features an outstanding representation of the company’s corporate identity while optimizing the use of natural light and lush landscape.


“The brief was to design a new office building, which will bring an identity to the company’s corporate head office,” says architect Kenny Chong. “When we first spoke about increasing views out from the office via an open plan layout, there were concerns of losing concentration at work due to too much openness.


Fortunately, our architectural design for an office environment has always taken natural daylight exposure into  consideration, a factor which contributes to employees’ wellness while boosting positive energy.”

To achieve a new corporate image through architecture, a striking exterior design was imperative. Here, the architect leveraged on the central courtyard to bring out the concept. “Our design response to the brief included a low-energy consumption office building with a total area of 1,500 square metre, consisting of two wings with a central court acting as the hearth of the building,” Kenny adds.


The working environment is planned in such a way that it is surrounded by abundant of greenery, and with plenty of controlled daylight. The designers has demonstrated that good architecture can enhance the mind and morale of the employees.

kewpump-id-meeting-room  The helical stairs, fabricated in steel with a textured matte black finish is not just the main vertical connection of the building, its sculptural form also makes it an iconic feature at the centre courtyard. kewpump-id-stairs

Project name: Kewpump HQ
Location: Batu Gajah, Perak
Build-up size: 16,146 sq ft project
Type: Office
Architect / interior designer: Kenny Chong  from Architect & A3 Projects Design Team
T: +603 4065 0289
E: info@archcubic.com
W: www.archcubic.com