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4 Steps To Create A Fun And Stylish Kid’s Bedroom

by creativehomex

Styling your child’s bedroom can be a lot of great fun. Great fun, however, can come at a great cost, especially when parents go overboard or when kids change obsessions and move on to the next big thing. Here are some tips to put together a room for your child.

What’s In A Room
What will this bedroom look like? Will it have a study or reading nook? Perhaps there’s a hideout? Or maybe it needs some soundproofing…

By analyzing your child’s tastes and preferences, you can create a safe space for them. Whether your child seeks adventure or solace to engage their creativity, knowing what to do with the space will determine the furniture and key features that need to be there.

Credit: Stylecraft Design

Picking A Style
It’s good to think about what sort of style will suit your child. Deciding on a colour palette or theme can be a great place to start whether your kid is obsessed with different hues of blue or loves superheroes.

Having a solid direction with the colours, style, and the theme will help solidify the foundations for everything else — the type of furniture, features, etc. You don’t have to crazy over what themes and styles you want as using a neutral colour palette and vibe can also result in an appealing and functional space.

Credit: Design Base

Try Some DIY
All this decorating and designing can add up, some don’t be shy to do some DIY. You don’t have to be an expert carpenter or craftsman to do this as you can do things like painting the walls and furniture yourself.

You can also sew together cushions, bedding, and other handcrafted toys for your child. Moreover, you can create your wall prints and pictures and frame them up in your kid’s room. There are many possibilities for you to save on costs and create. If it’s safe, you can even get your child involved in the process.

Design: WE Interior

Don’t Go Overboard
It’s easy to get caught up in the whole process but don’t forget the original purpose of that bedroom — a good night’s sleep. Think twice before you design and add additional things to your child’s room as your children may become overstimulated by the sheer amount of stuff in the bedroom or because of the bold and bright colours present.

Design: Newport UK

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