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Flawless Monochromes

by creativehomex

Black and white is often combination for monochromatic interior design. Whether you living spaces is big or small, there is always space for colour, especially if there are only two of them. Black and white interior is certainly very dramatic, but also quite delicate and enigmatic. Mix them up with two or three highlight colours and what you may be pleasantly surprised by its stunning outcome. In this residence, black is used as the accent colour while crisp white is dominant throughout the spaces, providing a suitable bright, translucent background for the furniture and accessories. We simply love how ultra-modern the dry kitchen looks, with its striking black lacquered glass cabinetry, so glossy it creates an illusion of increased space.



An eye-catching island unit stands proud with its sleek white counter-top and right above, a stainless-steel wine-glass rack completes this snazzy combo. This kitchen is certainly a must-have feature for a classy, contemporary home, don’t you think? It is said that black and white are infallible, therefore the designers played with this combination as much as they liked. Moreover, they added a stylish element to the staircase area: large mirrored panels that somehow elevate the elegance and brightness of the entire passage upwards. Brilliant!



Interior design firm
Nine Square Interior Sdn Bhd

iN DESIGN Issue 45


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