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CH Feng Shui | Cooking Up The Right Kind Of Energy


What can you do to improve the flow of good Qi into the kitchen?

The kitchen has also taken on different roles and designs throughout the years. Nowadays, we have cabinets of all sizes and materials, unconventional kitchen arrangements and cutting-edge cooking technology. While most of it may appear pleasing to the eye, some could be attracting the wrong kind of energy, or Qi, where Feng Shui is concerned. Let’s see how you can cook not just great meals, but have even better energy all around you in the kitchen.

Feng Shui Basics

It doesn’t matter what style – Western or oriental – or whether it is of an open or closed concept you’re gravitating to, all these wouldn’t amount to anything without a proper kitchen positioning in positive environmental factors, favourable sector (Palace) and with the right structure. As always, the stove remains a pivotal point in a kitchen, so ensure it is placed in a suitable location.

Ultimately, the kitchen is a place where families prepare and store their food. Hence, from a Feng Shui point of view, it draws a linear impact to the family’s health and financial aspects. You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, so let’s crack open some common mistakes you may find in a kitchen.

Kitchen In The Centre Of The Home
The kitchen certainly doesn’t bode well in the centre of your house. The middle section of your property is where the ‘heart’ resides. Placing your kitchen there will, metaphorically, burn the heart of the house. Be extra careful of this feature as it can create instability, long-term and niggling health issues or problems to the occupants.

Sink And Stove Within Close Proximitych_156_fengshui_kitchen

A kitchen sink located next to the stove or directly opposite one another, though convenient, will spell a clash between Fire and Water elements, and brings about negative consequences to the health of the residents. Ensure a significant gap of at least three feet between the sink and the stove, and if your sink is facing the stove, try to place a console or an island in between to act as an averter.

Stove On A Island
Ideally, a stove should be placed firmly against solid walls. Though trendy and attractive, a stove in the middle of the kitchen will expose it to Qi from various angles, making it extra vulnerable to Sha Qi. As a result, food prepared in this arrangement will be affected, with the health of the occupants as a dire consequence.

Door Opens Directyle To Kitchen Stove
Be mindful of stoves located in this position, as it will be hit by a rush of Qi from the door, afflicting the quality of food prepared there with Sha Qi. If this feature is prevalent in your kitchen, diffuse it by relocating the door or the stove to another area to avoid exacerbating the negative energies there. Remember, health is wealth. So if your health is affected, your wealth will likely take a turn for the worse as well.

Beams Above The Stove
Likewise, beams on top of the stove also draw up a negative positioning in the kitchen area. Where possible, avoid this order as it will induce suppressive Qi around your kitchen, and as a result, occupants will feel jittery, nervous and spiritually devoid. If left untreated, the health of the family will become the unnecessary punching bag as well. In the event where you notice this unpleasant situation in your kitchen, try to move the stove to another sector in the area.

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