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Mei Yan’s Home Office Tour: A Japandi-Inspired Modern Minimalist Workspace That Feels Like Home | THEM.space design

by creativehomex

The project’s client is Mei Yan, a prominent Malaysian radio announcer at Astro Radio. The objective was to integrate the residence with filming and home office functions, while maintaining a warm and spacious space that could accommodate intimate gatherings with her close friends.

Upon listening to the client’s requirements, Reno, the founder and designer of THEM.space design team, embraced a simple modern concept. It emphasizes the simplicity and balance of the space by reducing excessive decoration, introducing warm and rustic wooden elements, and embracing clean and sleek lines, Reno skillfully intertwined the essence of Japandi aesthetics into the living space, creating an atmosphere that celebrates nature and tranquility, ultimately resulting in a serene and inviting studio workspace.

From the entrance to the kitchen, the choice of terrazzo tiles evokes a nostalgic charm. In the backdrop of a minimalist space, the kitchen cabinets are accentuated with a bold touch of deep green paint, while the countertop features white quartz material, creating a visually captivating contrast. Seamlessly integrated handle-less cabinet doors and modern built-in kitchen appliances bring elegance and functionality to the open kitchen concept. Considering the client’s preference for light cooking and occasional filming needs, a cabinet with an induction stove was thoughtfully enhanced with a built-in movable roller mechanism at the bottom of the cabinets, allowing for versatile adjustments to meet various filming requirements.

The dining area features a lightweight and easily movable white dining table that perfectly aligns with the filming needs. Transitioning into the living room, the TV wall is designed with a low cabinet, featuring a white quartz countertop, leaving the wall unadorned and centrally embedding the television. The low cabinet incorporates rounded corners for safety, while its elongated structure along the wall maximizes storage capacity. A vibrant Hermès orange leather sofa, with its generous seating depth and adjustable backrests, offers optimal comfort for multiple individuals and the flexibility to adjust to preferred sitting positions.

The guest bathroom boasts a simple yet refined aesthetic with its wall adorned in concrete tiles. Complemented by a matte black shower set, the bathroom exudes a sense of purity and elegance. In the master bedroom, a harmonious blend of gray tones and interwoven wood elements creates a serene environment conducive to restful sleep. The wood grain headboard incorporates a matte black smart switch panel, seamlessly integrated with the bedside table and dressing table, providing ample storage options. Additionally, concealed light strips and bedside lamps positioned behind the headboard create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere reminiscent of high-end hotel suites. The integration of a comprehensive smart home system allows for convenient control and operation of various aspects within the space through a single app.

In the second bathroom, a silver shower set and a freestanding gray-toned vanity cabinet with gold accents contribute to an elevated sense of luxury. Within the workspace area, the warm and comfortable solid wood flooring creates an inviting ambiance. Reno’s ingenious use of leftover quartz materials, combined with sage green metallic bases, transforms them into two unique work desks, showcasing a creative and resourceful approach. The top cabinets within the studio space incorporate shelving to accommodate all documents, allowing for future flexibility and adjustments to cater to evolving lifestyle needs.

Furniture, soft furnishings, and building materials used in the project include:

1.Goldenhome Kitchen: Kitchen cabinets, living room low cabinet, bedroom bedside table & cabinet, workspace cabinet

2.Dekton: Quartz materials

3.Fotile: Kitchen appliances

4.Atstone Terrazzo: Flooring

5.TNS Living: Sofa

6.JOMOO: Shower set, vanity cabinet set

7.AiHub: Switch panels, smart home system

| This project was designed by THEM.space design

Article by: Lee Khe Ying

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