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Elegant Serenity: Unveiling a French-inspired Haven with Stunning Macau Sea Scenery | Indefini Designs

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This project is located in One Oasis, a luxury apartment complex in Macau. Designed by Indefini Designs, designer Tong Ka Long (Tom) was aware of the homeowner’s refined taste in fashion and artistic aesthetics, given her background as an architect. To cater to her preferences, the design incorporated a classic black and white color scheme as the main theme, complemented by carefully chosen materials such as wainscoting, marble, wood, and metal. These elements were used to create an opulent French-style ambiance, bringing forth an elegant and classical sense of luxury for the homeowner.

Upon entering, the foyer area welcomes you with pure white paneling, artistic paintings, and a black side table, setting the stage for the classical theme. The marble flooring, intricately arranged in a captivating pattern, creates a focal point in the entrance, establishing the elegant and classical French ambiance. Throughout the entire residence, a monochromatic palette of black and white serves as the foundational color scheme, with curved arc lines at transition points.

The design seamlessly incorporates a hidden shoe cabinet wall inside, meticulously organizing the homeowner’s diverse shoe collection in an orderly manner. The door panels are adorned with paneling, elegantly tying together the French-inspired style that gracefully permeates the entire space.

As you step up from the foyer and enter the dining area, the spacious dining space unfolds with a striking black marble flooring complemented by white paneling, providing a balanced touch of simplicity. Colorful artworks adorning the walls turn this area into a captivating focal point. Adjacent to the dining table, a low black marble structure serves not only as a display platform for decorative items but also as a functional bench.

The designer explains:

By using the same marble as the flooring, we create a seamless visual continuity, eliminating the need for an additional shoe bench that would obstruct the space.——Tom.

A white carved decorative mirror is cleverly positioned at an angle, serving a dual purpose. Firstly, it acts as a full-length mirror for personal grooming and getting ready before heading out. Secondly, its reflective properties amplify the sense of space in the dining area, creating an illusion of openness and expanding the overall visual perspective.

A sophisticated oval table crafted from black, white, and gray marble takes center stage, complemented by sleek copper table legs. Suspended above is a striking gold-toned pendant light with captivating lines, enhancing the luxurious ambiance of the dining area.

The designer expressed:

We carefully selected the color of the marble dining table, cutting and piecing each slab ourselves to match the overall black, white, and gray theme of the entire space.——Tom.

As you walk past the dining area and your feet gently touch the warm and smooth herringbone patterned wooden floor, a sense of luxury and coziness flows through the living area. The designer cleverly uses the dark wooden floor to define clear boundaries for the dining space. Your gaze then falls upon the TV wall adorned with white and gold veined marble, creating an extraordinary and sophisticated look with translucent golden gemstone elements.

The designer mentioned:

The homeowner explored many marble options, but only this piece met all the criteria. By precisely positioning the TV on the marble and ensuring the right proportions, we could beautifully showcase the translucent gemstone part.——Tom.

The studio is located behind the sofa, and a slim black glass partition with grid pattern is added, allowing for a flexible transition between open and closed spaces. When the partition is closed, this area becomes a separate and private space. The dark stone wall and deep black wood grain bookcase create a comfortable atmosphere, and the neon lights display playful messages, showcasing a unique personality.

The window seat is cleverly designed to integrate with the storage cabinet and provide a distant view of the beautiful scenery. It seamlessly incorporates the element of framing, providing dedicated spaces for the homeowner’s outdoor sports awards and book collection.

Looking into the kitchen, the developer has installed the German luxury kitchen cabinet brand Poggenpohl, featuring a cream-colored kitchen island and handle-less cabinet doors, exuding a clean and minimalist texture that stands out in the overall black and white-themed space. Additionally, the developer has equipped the kitchen with German kitchen appliance brand Siemens, including a refrigerator, range hood, gas stove, and oven, providing a complete and functional modern kitchen setup.

Stepping into the master bedroom where the original two-room layout has been merged into one, the space is outlined with pure white paneling, creating a tranquil ambiance. The ensuite bathroom exudes luxury with white marble accompanied by metallic framing. Subtle touches of light gray neutral tones adorn the bedside wall, complemented by  wooden flooring to enhance the sleeping atmosphere.

Notably, to maximize the floor area, the designer ingeniously utilizes the existing large bay window position, elevating the sleeping area with a platform approximately 40 to 50 centimeters high. Even with a king-size bed, the space remains spacious, allowing the homeowner to wake up or sleep while embraced by the charming scenery outside.

Entering the homeowner’s dressing room, it is complemented with a refreshing white wardrobe covered in soft upholstery and framed with a touch of metallic luster, exuding an elegant and exquisite demeanor. Transparent door panels ingeniously conceal a plethora of luxury handbags and various fashion accessories.

We transformed the original bay window into a dressing table, and to fully showcase the beautiful view outside, we specially designed a movable vanity mirror.——Tom.

A linear dressing table is built along the window, featuring a movable mirror that can be pushed aside when not in use, allowing the natural daylight from outside to flood the room, creating a sense of openness and brightness.

| This case was designed by Indefini Designs.

Written by: Lee Khe Ying

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