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Tasteful Reverie: Newly-Restored LA Midcentury Home is a Quaint Portrayal of Personal Style

by creativehomex

The renovation of this midcentury house designed by Design Universal Architects in Los Angeles has a particular detail: it was a collaborative family project, resulting in a stunning layout.

“Before this midcentury house in Los Angeles became the client’s ideal home, restoring work was necessary. While we were commissioned for the restoration and architectural works, for the interior, the client took on the stylistic direction,” says the designer from Design Universal Architects.

The entrance instantly offers a peek of its inside – an incredible mix of furniture, textures, and styles. For the client’s wife, her favourite spot was this particular bold entry where urnes from her parents’ farm were displayed with the custom-designed exterior doors made of raw steel and recycled wood.

“This house in Los Angeles is more than a beautiful midcentury home – it’s a place full of personality and bold decisions. The complementary work of the clients result in a magnific layout that covers all of their needs and desires in a sentimental and personal design,” the designer from Design Universal Architects comments.

The key highlights of the renovation include the primary suite and deck – once an unfinished 90’s guesthouse, the pool area has been transformed into a bold space with an outdoor bar and pizza oven, complemented by a luxurious kitchen. The spaces are stunning, a glowing testimony of the successful teamwork between the client’s son and wife, an interior designer from Studio Creed.

This well-styled home also consist of a space for a steel and stucco gallery built by Team Creed in an empty part of the property where the client’s art collection are placed. Some art pieces can also be found around the house, showing the clients’ distinct taste while contributing to the creation of a unique space.

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