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How to Create Million Dollars Interior Design to Maximise Property Value: Tips and Tricks to Try


The key to increasing the value of your property is through quality interior design. Jimmytan, Design Principal of Mood Design Solution (MDS) shares some of his tricks of the trade on creating interiors that look like a million bucks!

Interior design by MDS Design Solution

What an exciting time in the property sector lately! A few condo projects which received hype review during their launching were finally completed. I am eager to see as to whether they lived up to their hype and high prices.

Lobby in Arte+, Jalan Ampang

Last weekend, I was consulted by Danny, my handsome cousin. A thirty something and working professional, he bought his first home with the aspiration to become a home investor. Danny went for a two bedrooms unit at Arte Ampang which is known for its “Avatar” living concept. A very grand concept indeed and in such a high density area! So we carried out a few surveys and to our surprise, we found that Jalan Ampang is actually a developed saturated area. There are a few recent handover projects along with a few old condos in this area.
For our case study, we covered these projects:
– Arte Ampang (completed end 2018) 1,200 units
– Element (completed 2015) 1,040 units
– M City (completed 2016) 1,601 units

Just imagine having 10,000 upcoming and old condos stretching from Gleneagles Hospital till Ampang Point which covers a distance of 1.5km. Needless to say, there is a huge competition with neighbours from your own condo as well as those from your neighbourhood. Finally, Danny decided to convert his unit into an Air BnB. What lured him into this venture are the short-term rental arrangement, attractive daily rate, and expected high return for his investment.

Here, I would like to share with you some tricks which I had shared with Danny on how to create million dollars ID without burning your pocket. The end result is Instagram-worthy, practical, and for the money splashed, you can get the best impact.

My solution? “LESS IS ALWAYS MORE” which means:
– Try to make a bold statement out of your ID
– Use contrast colour and texture for better effect
– Minimize the quantity of basic level usage
– Minimize the material specifications
– Maximize the material effect
– For skipped area – if it is still new, then embrace and utilize it to the maximum.
– For ceiling – these days, all condo beams are placed strategically and are not exposed. Embrace open ceiling concept to showcase the beauty of height to the maximum. Splurge on statement making light fittings such as pendants and chandeliers.
– For wall – the condo paint is new and mostly in white. Check it thoroughly before handover. Demand the developer to repaint it if not satisfied. Embrace neutral look. Create a painted or wall-papered feature wall to contrast it.

Now let me list out the items starting with those which will incurred the highest cost down to the lowest in that order:
1. Kitchen
– Create a statement making kitchen
– You can choose industrial chic or cottage country
– Minimize the length to basic requirement (standard 8’ 0” L)
– Invest in good electrical equipment (hob and hood and also refrigerator)
– Get good brands that uses energy saving technology and come with good after-sale services such as Samsung and Teka
– Deep stainless steel sink with designer tap

2. Wardrobe
– Strong feature timber effect laminated door or anti-jump dark glass sliding door place against whitewashed wall will make a good contrast
– Minimize the size
– 2 doors layout (5’ 0”L) for master bedroom and (3’ 0”L) for bedroom 01

3. Curtain
– Keep it to two colours selection
– Darker colour range for bedrooms to create more privacy and intimacy
– Solid colour with shine texture always work
– Besides cotton and linen, go for polyester dim out fabric to save lining cost
– Full length day sheer and night curtain from wall to wall is a must to look classy

4. Bed and mattress
– The bed is the bedroom’s centre piece and it comes with the most important function for one’s sanity which is SLEEP
– It is important to invest in a quality mattress to get a good night sleep
– Besides going for custom made ones, opt for ready-made bed set which comprises of bedframe, headboard, and mattress
– We have numerous good mattress brands in Malaysia and my favourites are Dorma and Goodnite
– Do select anti-termites and fire-resistant materials. Natural latex is durable and it also provides ample ventilation and comfort to ensure good sleep

5. Sofa/Rug
– Opt for linen slip covered sofa for future design options and easy
– Two seaters 5’ 0”l will fill up the area
– Good statement pieces of rugs will bind the living set and
highlight the area
– Size of 5’ x 7” is good enough
– For material, wool or polyester is good in terms of durability and stain resistant. They also come with a wonderful selections of colours and styles
– Both Ikea and Jakel Home Furnishing have wonderful and affordable range

6. Light fittings
– Beautiful statement light fittings besides lightening up the area also create a focus on ceiling and highlight your area height
– Select energy saving light fittings such as LED bub for extra value
Last but not least, it is important for the host to provide good maintenance so that the unit will always look crisp and clean. Combine this with good hospitality, and you will create a lasting impression on your tenants.

This article is contributed by Jimmytan.


Jimmytan is the Design Principal of Mood Design Solution (MDS), an exciting and innovative interior design firm in Malaysia. After graduating from his interior design studies, he started his practice in 2000. With experience in interior design for the retail, corporate and residential sectors, Jimmytan emphasizes quality and efficiency in his designs. “It’s important to always work out the most efficient solutions based on client’s requirements. The client is the king yet when he or she engages the designer, a certain level of trust is crucial to execute it. A sense of ownership will create the best result,” says this talented designer. “Ultimately, design efficiency is important – in the long run this approach will be cost saving.” Jimmytan currently resides in Kuala Lumpur and loves working out, doing yoga as well as immersing in property investment studies during his free time.

T +6012 6339 886
E jimmy_presc@yahoo.com
W www.mdsdesign.com.my

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