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Charming Farmhouse Interior Style with a Contemporary Flair: Casaindah Design

by creativehomex

Featuring a series of interesting details, this bright and inviting home exudes hearty doses of chic countryside vibes.

Even if it’s a modern or contemporary concept that the homeowner desires, a farmhouse-inspired theme is still possible, as this 1,900 sqft semi-detached home in Penang shows. At the talented hands of Casaindah Design’s team of designers, the interior of this house has been given a unique decorative personality without compromising style and comfort.

The living area portrays an easy-going ambience with its light-coloured palette. A creamy-toned sofa set which includes a four-seater, a pair of ottomans and an armchair beautifully infuse a sense of order into the space. For the TV wall, the designer kept it simple by employing an open shelf right beneath the TV, complemented by carved-out niches at the bottom to serve as a display area for the owner’s paraphernalia. A few steps away from the living room, a cosy corner featuring the same colour combination is used as both a study area and a place for relaxing or reading.

Moving into the dining room, distinctive decorative elements like the dining chairs and rustic wood dining table instantly key in the farmhouse concept. A sideboard at the stairway enhances the country-like atmosphere with a composition of pastoral-inspired accessories. To make the space under the stairs more practical, the designers created a den for the owner’s pet.

Opposite the table, a white sliding door opens into the kitchen which is done up in an impeccable manner using a pristine white palette accented by light wood features. Modern appliances blend into the all-white space while natural light streaming in from the window keeps the cookspace well-lit and cosy.

Upstairs, the open family room is beautifully decorated with rustic-looking wall-finishing and modern furniture. The space leads to the first bedroom which continues the same modern rustic charm. The headboard is made livelier with cut-outs of animal cartoon. Opposite the bed, timber planks are decorated with hats and a hanging plant.

In the girl ’s room, eye-catching wallpaper in light green and pastel pink gives it a feminine look while light-toned furniture maintains the clean and bright ambience.

For the master bedroom, the designer incorporated a more sophisticated touch using a white palette complemented by cosy textures. The king-sized bed faces a partition which accommodates the TV on one side and a walk-in wardrobe on the other side.

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