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3 Simple Home Tips for Raya Decor and 2 Tasty-licious Recipes to Brighten Up Your Celebrations!

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Ramadan is a time that instils the spirit of moderation, restraint, and compassion, and holds great significance for Muslims across the country. It is also the time when families come together and preparations for Hari Raya Aidilfitri are in full force. However, with so many things to do but so little time, it is easy to get overwhelmed. From deciding your iftar menu to refreshing your home in time for the festive season, taking care of our well-being during this period is important.

Here are 3 simple tips to make your celebration at home stress-free, more sustainable and joyous.

1. Declutter your space, and don’t forget the kitchen
A tidy, well-organised space can give mental clarity and peace of mind. If you love preparing home-cooked meals and baking Raya treats, you’ll find that a little kitchen organisation can go a long way. With smart storage solutions and organisers, items are easier to find, making your meal preparations so much easier and hassle-free. Start by neatly organising kitchen utensils in cutlery trays that fit in your kitchen drawers. Arrange your pantry and fridge with the help of food containers, and then label them accordingly.

2. Spruce up with living space
Whether you’re enjoying moments of relaxation or hosting loved ones over, why not take the opportunity this Ramadan to refresh your home ahead of Raya. After a good decluttering, think of simple things you can do like changing your cushion covers or tableware, or adding a decorative item that will invite the festive mood.

3. Avoid food waste
During the festive season, it is easy to overestimate how much we can eat. This may lead to excess food that will eventually be thrown away. Planning your meals and consuming them responsibly are simple steps to reduce food waste. By deciding what’s on the menu for the week ahead, you get a better idea of what ingredients you need to get and how many. In addition, making a list of ingredients you need before going out for groceries will help you avoid having to throw away spoilt perishables before you get to use them.

Instead of throwing away your leftovers, store them properly so you can enjoy them the next day. Transparent glass containers will do wonders in helping you keep tabs on the food you have. While you’re at it, make sure to organise them neatly in your fridge – if you can see them, you’ll eat them! Alternatively, use reusable food covers to cut waste and one-off use of plastic wraps.

2 yummy recipes to spice up your meals this Ramadan

Chances are, you have your go-to recipes for this season, but why not spice it up and try something new this year? IKEA has partnered with Chefs Abang Brian and Dr Ezani to create simple recipes that Malaysians can enjoy with friends and family. With key ingredients that you can get from the IKEA Swedish Food Market, make your celebration at home extra joyful and give these dishes a try.

IKEA Meatball Rendang by Abang Brian
Abang Brian has created a tantalizing rendang recipe using the IKEA classic meatballs, perfect to enjoy during iftar or sahur or even the main item for the upcoming Raya celebrations. Follow the steps below or watch Abang Brian in action HERE.

IKEA Chocolate Almond Torte by Dr Ezani
Satisfy your sweet tooth with Dr Ezani’s delicious IKEA Chocolate Almond Torte recipe. This decadent dessert is sure to be a crowd-pleaser for your Ramadan or Raya feast. Follow the steps below or watch Dr Ezani make the recipe HERE.

Tips and recipes by IKEA Malaysia. For more information on IKEA Ramadan offerings, visit IKEA.my

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