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Soft and Stylish: 5 Types of Rugs for the Living Room


Flooring options are numerous: stone, wood, or even laminates that look like either – but nothing quite softens a space like carpeting. To help you sift through all the various styles and fibre types available, we analysed our favourite living room interiors to categorize the five most definitive types of carpeting for your convenience.

Deep Pile/Shag
Perhaps the most common type of carpeting spotted making a reappearance in modern living rooms is the shag carpet, proving the cyclical nature of fashions and styles. These deep pile decorations often have fuzzy textures in vintage-leaning varieties, which tend to be composed of eco-friendly polyesters. A plusher variety found in modern furniture stores would be the Saxony cut pile carpets that feature fur-like fibres.

Designer: IDS Interior

Still considered the epitome of luxury in classically-inspired spaces, the oriental or Persian carpet features timeless floral and geometric decorations that often makes it one of the few forms of decorative heirlooms. Antique pieces are so highly prized that they tend to be used only in intimate spaces or areas of low foot traffic as the ancient fibres are fragile and succumb to wear and tear easily.

Designer: Design Integra

Low Pile/Weaves
Low pile carpeting make for easy maintenance and provide that needed decorative feature to floors without the high cost associated with plush varieties. Traditional weaves can even be considered to augment rustic-leaning interiors, providing a thematic influence in texture that cannot usually be supplied in the deep pile modern styles of carpeting.


These patchwork-styled carpets are over-dyed to provide a vibrant dose of colour to suit eclectic interiors. Circles or odd shapes are highly encouraged to pair with the explosion of colour that is common with this form of carpet.

Designer: Nu Infinity

Decking an entire space in plush wall-to-wall carpeting is perhaps the most luxurious form of flooring available, and the low pile varieties are most ubiquitous among commercial offices as a legacy of the decorative ambitions in the roaring 1920s. While this form of carpeting entails the highest level maintenance, with the addition of a padding layer under the fibres, it provides a level of comfort that cannot be matched by any other kind of flooring.

Article by Kevin Eichenberger