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Immaculate Concept

by creativehomex

What defines a gorgeous interior space is the way every single element blends immaculately and portrays a clean smooth look from every angle.

01 - Private Lift Lobby

GEOFFREY THOMAS ASSOCIATES NEVER ceases to appease viewers with interiors of old world charm and palettes of pure tranquillity. This unit in Madge Mansions is the epitome of old world classics with a gentle touch of contemporary. The reception area unfolds multiple layers of detailing from furniture choices to upholstery fabrics; all set in a beautiful terrestrial palette. If you look closer, the squarish rug in a warm gray tone as well as the furniture orientation demarcate the layout wittily. Modern sofa paired with an armchair with classical trimmings channel the old- world outlook intended for the space. Different use of patterns and textures also help to keep the space vibrant yet luxurious at the same time.

02 - Reception & Dining Areas

05 - Pool Terrace

09 - Kitchen Island

On another corner, a cabriole legged daybed dressed in luxurious upholstery and pillows of various sizes and patterns draw attention from the common area. Simple decorating helps to accentuate the mood of this comfortable hang-out corner. The pool terrace on the other hand boasts a suspended bubble swing chair for a modern touch; perfect for a relaxing sunset gazing evening. The master bedroom on the other hand looks effortlessly charming in neutral nuances. Seen here, similar choices of soft furnishing in both common and private areas help to keep the entire space harmonious and cohesive.

06 - Master Bedroom

03 - Secondary Reception Area

04 - Study Room

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