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Gleaming and glowing in white, this home radiates with its luminous base. White can be a rather daring colour to use for an entire home, as any colour instantly pop against this clean, bare background. As seen in the living room, the various colours, from the bright lime chair to the grey curtains, stand-out against the plain white backdrop.


The intimate setting of the living space helps to enhance a cosy ambiance, whilst the various colours used in this space bring a fun and lively element. In the kitchen space, warmth is introduced to the interior by using warmer lighting hues. A wooden surface top also adds contrast to the perfect white kitchen.

The dining area, petit yet elaborately decorated features a marble dining table and deluxe chairs complementing it. Metallic spherical lights dangle elegantly over the table, and quaint décor is displayed neatly around this area, enhancing the luxurious yet grounded setting.

Contemporary Luxury
A marble dining table adds a classic touch to the modern dining space.

Warm Vibes
Warmth is introduced in the kitchen space by adopting warm lighting and a wooden surface.

The master bedroom is decorated simply, with minimal fuss and extravagance, creating a space that induces relaxation. The white room is gently furnished with soft tones, such as blush pink and light grey. Details can be found on the wall panels and the ceiling feature, which goes to show intricacy in the design of this master bedroom.

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