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Clean but not stark, the design outcome is a myriad of modern finishes paired with tasteful hints of classical detailing, neither surpassing the other but rather each complementing the other.

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There’s more to the modern classical European style than meets the eye. While there are certain features that clearly express the look and feel of this style, there are also other ubiquitous elements that depict the essence of an exquisite modern classic interior – an architectural feat that the design team from S:Lab10 has endeavoured and succeeded in this 2,200 sqft private apartment at the prestigious Quodro Residences at KLCC.

For this home, S:Lab 10 has taken cue from the owner’s passion for travelling and taste for classical European architecture to create an impressive interior that exudes a sense of old world charm and elegance amidst a modern minimalist setting. “Our client is a well-heeled owner who has travelled the world over. Inspired by his visits particularly to Europe, he was eager to adopt the awe-inspiring classical details he had seen on his travels,” says S:Lab 10 Director, Jason Sim.


Here, the designers worked to realise their client’s vision by advising and advocating; instead of replicating a style that evolves with time and culture. From here, a design concept was put together for the client from the position of “introducing and integrating elements that can be associated with classical design”.

“There is a clear distinction between adopting classical building elements simplistically and adapting them to current times and appropriate settings,” explains the team. “Thus, we made sure that there was a harmonious composition of forms, along with the application of symmetry and balance to vertical elements such as the walls and columns from the likes of Rococo and Baroque eras to evoke notes of everlasting charm and elegance.”


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